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Teachergive Sale 2023

Home Improvement Made Easy with These 10 Easy Steps

>> Apr 18, 2013

Anyone that wants to add some value to their home can do so by taking some simple steps, which can range from being careful with decoration schemes to making small changes to individual rooms. At the same time, it’s important to consider the benefits of using safe materials, as well as investing in the future sustainability of a property through green products and approaches. These, and other steps, can help you to make your next home improvement project much easier.               

1 - Decorate Carefully
When repainting rooms, always go for neutral colours if you’re planning to sell your home; moreover, when decorating individual rooms, stick to a dominant colour for walls, while using accent colours to complement the colour scheme for pieces of furniture. 

2 - Make Small Changes to Rooms 
If you’re renovating on a budget, consider making small changes to rooms that can add up to an improved effect; this might include cleaning or replacing outlet covers, while changing lamp shades and cleaning windows. 

3 - Glazing 
A particularly good idea if you want to refresh your bathroom, floors can be improved by glazing - this approach can save you from having to retile or fit new flooring into an old bathroom, and can be completed over the course of a weekend.

4 - Keep Things Safe
Always check the materials you’re using to ensure that they’re safe for you and those around you; make use of natural flooring and reclaimed wood, while checking for proper ventilation when cleaning and painting rooms. 

5 - Use the Right Paint 
Make sure that you use outdoor paint when working on a building, and that you have a range of different oil and accent paints for use within a home. When painting, keep a supply of latex gloves, brushes, and masking tape to avoid spillages.

6 - Improve Lighting
You can enhance the available space in a property by improving lighting schemes - this might involve fitting energy saving lightbulbs, or cleaning windows to let more light in. A few well placed lights and lamps can also make a big difference to the atmosphere of a room. 

7 - Replace Curtains and Blinds 
Also able to add more light to a room, replacing curtains and blinds in rooms can help to keep them insulated, while giving you options for how much or little light you want. Consider blinds with UV reflective coatings, as these can keep you warm while preventing sun damage. 

8 - Go Eco 
Invest in low energy light bulbs, and source out reclaimed wood and any other recycled materials when putting together your building materials; when replacing appliances, look for Energy Star rated items, and consider installing energy meters around your home to check usage. 

9 - Get Help from Friends 
Try to have a back up list of friends for large scale renovation projects, and don’t always rely on the same group of contractors if you want to get a job done quickly. 

10 - De-Clutter 
It’s much easier to get on top of home renovation if you don’t have to wade through old items - start off by de-cluttering attics and basements, being ruthless in what you keep and what you either throw out or put into storage.

Author Bio: Lisa Jane writes about home improvement, he recommends http://www.onthelevel.co.uk/ for a great selection of wetrooms and more.

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