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How Familiar are You with a CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor?

>> Apr 9, 2013

CISA, which means Certified Information Systems Auditor, is one certification give by an authorized body known as Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). The goal of this is to help and guide employers in hiring auditors, who are skilled in the assessment and measurement of IT controls, and these traits should be an additional to their basic skills in auditing.

What Should You Possess?
Before a candidate is allowed to take the certification exam, there are certain prerequisites that should be satisfied first. These things are strictly followed in order to become a strong candidate in one of the sought-after positions in IT.
1.    Experience – Unlike other types of examinations, this certification cannot be taken without satisfying all the requirements and qualifications set. Initially, a candidate should have at least five years of working experience in one of these areas: IT governance, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Information Systems audit process, Protection of Information Assets, Systems and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management, and IT Support and Service Delivery.
2.    Passing rate – A passing mark is set before one is considered as a certified professional. The examination consists of three areas: reporting strategies and control objectives, auditing techniques and practices, and the collection and preservation of evidences during forensic investigations.The exam is for a total of 200 points in multiplechoices that should be accomplished in a 4-hour time limit.
3.    After passing the exam – Once the candidate passed the test, there are other things to follow such as maintaining the certification and complying with the Continuing Professional Education policies in order to retain the knowledge and skills relevant to the field.
4.    Adherence - Above all, you should be willing to follow the strict standards and Code of Ethics set by IsacaCertifications.

Career Pathfor a CISA
Basically, there are several professions that a CISA Certification can take advantage of.  Once you passed, you have the freedom to become a professional in the fieldof Network security, Security Auditing, System Security, or Information Security. 
However, here some of the sought-after positions that you can apply for:
1.    IT Operations Manager – IT staff that are working in net work administration, software development, information security, and help desk are the main focus of this position. As a manager, this person should guide and assist the said positions, creates systems for the work place, and handles any issue that may arise.
2.    Information Security Manager – This professional is closely working with security standards that are imposed on the entire computer system. In addition, this professional evaluates and reviews the organization’s compliance to various security policies.
3.    Systems Architect – This job performs a review on the data gathered from a System Analyst. The review is used to determine the chosen design for the system. Similar to a field architect, this professional also developsa layout for an entire system that can generate revenue for the organization.
4.    Information Systems Security Analyst – This professional is the leader among a group of system security professionals. With such a big responsibility, the organization expects this professional to coordinate and work with every department and join some key positions within the incident response team.
5.    Other positions – Aside from the positions mentioned, you can also get a job as IT Director, Change Control Manager, Systems Programmer, Server Administrator, Software Quality Assurance Tester, Database Administrator and more.

In this field, the success lies on how useful, valuable, and successful the formulated measures are. Most importantly, each position should work altogether in order achieve a common goal.

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