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Teachergive Sale 2023

Embrace the Summer Season with these Exciting Color Trends

>> Apr 25, 2013

Summer is almost upon us and with the changing season comes the changing interior trends. If like me you change your home interior more than you change your wardrobe, you’ll love these exciting color trends, designed to add some summer lovin’ to your home interior!

Pastel Perfect

Pastel colors are always a popular trend during the warmer months and this year is no different. It’s all about mixing and matching this summer 2013, and believe it or not, opposites do attract! Pastel shades and bright colors are a great combination and will certainly brighten up any room in the home. This trend in particular looks great in small kitchens and allows you to get really creative. Use sections of block colour on walls and even mismatch painted cupboard doors to embrace this interesting interior trend.

Keep it Neutral
For a simpler look, let the accessories do all the talking and keep your painted walls neutral in cream, ivory or champagne shades. Team these simple but stylish colors with printed sofas, elaborate chandeliers and mirrored furniture. 

Lavender Loveliness
We saw a lot of strong purple themes last year and this summer we’re going one step back in the purple color spectrum. Lavender shades offer the perfect palette for living rooms and create a relaxing atmosphere to unwind in. Combine lavenders with grey accents and strong prints to finish the look.

White Out!
It takes a very daring interior design enthusiast to take on this summery trend and needless to say this color theme isn’t suitable for households with pets or children. Go all white with your interior and just add bursts of color with a floral arrangement or pillow set. And when I say all white, I mean it - paint the walls and floors white, invest in a white sofa cover and go for modern, white furnishings! Neon accessories in pink and green look great with this particular color theme.

Feeling Blue?
They’ll be no need to feel blue if you embrace this color trend! Blue painted walls with gold and navy accessories provide a look that just screams luxury. If you’re feeling floral, don’t be afraid to introduce some discreet floral print in neutral colors to decorate your very stylish space.

This article comes from Brittany Moodie on behalf of www.localtraders.com. This UK-based home improvement platform aims to connect homeowners with qualified tradespeople for quality and affordable property upgrades.

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