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5 Ways to Help Your Child Study for Tests When You're Short on Time

>> Jul 22, 2016

Some parents send their kids to the best international school in the Philippines because they can afford to. Being able to afford something like that can mean that they spend a lot of time at work, and may not have enough time to guide and help them through their studies.

For those parents who don’t have the luxury to spend study time with their children, here are some tips:
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1.   DIY Flashcards. Flashcards are still used by some, and even teachers in school for a reason: they work. But then here’s the real trick: this can encourage your kids to make their own and quiz each other if you’re not around. Writing both the questions and the answers down themselves can help with their retention. When you’ve gone through the entire deck, go through them again until your kid gets them all right. It’s a fun and engaging way to learn.
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2.   Discover quiz applications for your child’s gadgets. If you allow your child to have their own gadget, like a tablet or a phone, teach them to find some educational apps. These apps will make digital flashcards, if you don’t want to waste paper, and quizzes, which will all be helpful in teaching your child to study on their own. There are also a lot of affordable electrical appliances in the Philippines that can help your child gain a modern learning environment at home. He can save all of these flashcards and quizzes, so if he needs to review them later in the year, it’s easy to get back to them.
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3.   Initiate a study group with your child and their friends. When there’s an exam about to come up, you can encourage your child to have a few friends over so they can help each other study. Discussing lessons with their friends out lout can help with their retention of the topic, and it will be a fun game with friends, too. The flashcards can be useful here as well, as the friends can quiz each other and remember the right answers as they go along the deck.
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4.   For some people, typing down what they’ve learned can help retain that knowledge. Why not try this out with your child? They can type their notes down into a word processor to cement the knowledge into them. There are a lot of digital content solutions that you can utilize to help your child to study on their computer. If your child is too young to handle a computer, maybe you can help them with writing down the day’s lessons. They can also read the lessons aloud too after you’ve printed them out.
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5.   If the teacher hands out study guides, make copies of them for your child to review. Study it with them if you have the time to spare, and maybe have them create notes from other sources. If your child can study the hand out on their own, they can handle creating their own review papers in the future.

However, also remember that you can’t keep hovering over your child when they study. Help them develop independent study skills, and to help them realize that studying on their own is a good thing.

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