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7 Things People with Dementia Wish You Knew about Them

>> Jul 27, 2016

Hiring caregiver services in Illinois is very helpful to your elderly loved one especially if you are the busy type. If your elderly loved on is suffering from dementia, don’t let the stereotypes about the disease affect your perspective of your loved one. If people with dementia shared everything what they are feeling and thinking, they may point out the following instances:

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They need a little respect too

Alright, no need for you to belt out R-E-S-P-E-C-T Aretha Franklin style. People with dementia are not children. They are adults who had jobs, families, and responsibilities. They may have been the sole breadwinner of the family or they may have been very accomplished in their field. They are parents, siblings, and relatives too.

They are not deaf
It is true that you will need to slow down the amount of information you provide at once. You may also need to use other strategies to communicate effectively. However, you don’t need to speak TOO LOUDLY as if they have a hearing impairment. Speaking TOO SLOWLY doesn’t help either.

They are not wrong about everything

There are plenty of instances when the person with dementia is completely ignored when they say something. Whether it’s about their level of pain or what happened when their daughter visited, take the time to listen and believe in what your elderly is saying. Give them the courtesy of allowing for the possibility that they are periodically correct.

They could be bored

Is your loved on with dementia staring into space or zoning out?
Their ability to process information may have decreased but that doesn’t mean they can’t do other things. Feel free to occupy their time with motivational hobbies like coloring books, reading, playing games like Bingo, cross words, and Sudoku. Make sure they have something to do besides sitting in one corner and gazing off in a distance.

You are still important to them even if they forget your name

Never, ever take this personally. In the early stages, it might be your name that they can’t recall. In the middle stages, it may be the entire event to the point they could not remember no matter how many times you retell the story. This is not because they don’t care or it was not meaningful to them or they are choosing to forget it. It’s the disease.

Do not blame them for the disease

It is not your loved one’s fault they contracted dementia. Not even science experts can figure out what causes Alzheimer’s to develop. Let go of the thought that they should have done this or that to avoid it. It is of no help to either one of you.

How you say it is more important than what you intend to say

Remember, your tone and non-verbal language very important. Show that you are genuine and aware of your gestures, sighs, eye-rolls and loud voice when you are talking. 

No matter what happens, they need you as much as you do. Don’t let the disease rob you both of more than their memory. Continue to spend time with them and cherish the relationship. Dementia may change things but never let it have the power to divide you and your loved ones.

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