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Reasons You Might Need a Child Support Lawyer

>> Jul 5, 2016

Custody of the children is one of the most emotionally charged aspects of divorce. For some parents, the issue of custody is a matter of providing the best care for them. Unfortunately, in some cases, it is more a matter of “winning” or of getting the child support that the non-custodial parent will have to pay. Regardless of whether you are just considering a divorce or your divorce was finalized some time ago, there are a number of issues that could require the services of a child support lawyer. As a parent, you have rights and so do your children. If you think you are being treated unfairly, a legal expert who specializes in child support can help you resolve your issues.

These are just some of the reasons to contact a child support lawyer:

  • To find out what your options are if you decide to file for a divorce – Depending on your circumstances, you may decide that a separation is a better option.
  • Your circumstances have changed – Attorney Peter J.Russo explains that while a grid is used to determine child support in Pennsylvania, there is flexibility in the amount of child support a child will receive. When either parent begins making more or less money, the child support can be re-negotiated to meet the difference.
  • You think your spouse is lying about their income – This is often the case when there is self-employment or business ownership where income is easier to hide. Your attorney can look at various documents and tax returns to determine if there is income your ex-spouse is hiding.
  • Your child has special needs - One reason that they may require more is that they have a medical condition that makes their care more expensive. A child support lawyer can negotiate a larger payment if your child requires more money for their care than would normally be required.
  • To mediate a hearing that will allow you to work out an acceptable agreement for everyone involved – More couples are making the choice to go through mediation to work out a resolution for their divorce that doesn’t carry the same risk as a court trial. Hiring a child support lawyer who also offers experienced mediation services allows the couple to sit down and work out an agreement that works for everyone. Most importantly, the right mediator will work with the parents to find the best resolution for the well-being of the children.

Some divorce lawyers have a strong record of aggressive representation in the courtroom, fighting for their client’s rights. When it comes to divorces that involve children, the well-being of the children should always be the primary concern of everyone involved. An experienced child support lawyer will find and use all of the information needed to make a fair assessment of the child’s needs and the obligations of each spouse. In the end, the divorced couple needs to remain caring, supportive parents who strive to provide the best possible care for their children.  

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