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Can Google’s Rich Cards Change the Future of SEO?

>> Jul 18, 2016

Rich cards are the new Google search result format. The format is currently limited to specific interests. However, in the course of time, it may be used to address your search engine optimization requirements. This article reflects on the new product of Google.

Rich Cards – What is it?
Rich cards come when you search on mobile devices. Appearing on top of mobile results as a digital card, the product is actually a carousel, which means that users can scroll through the videos or images from left to right. Found solely in mobile search results, the cards offer information that is not available in traditional listing.

How to Implement the Cards?
Every business owner aims to get his or her site on top of ranking pages. With the help of an expert SEO professional, you can ensure that your site is displayed as a rich card on top of result pages of particular search results.

However, rich cards are presently available only for recipes and movies. Google will soon make rich cards available for other interests as well.  Thus, in the event that your site is not about recipes or movies, you can in future display your site as rich cards. Stay abreast of the implementation process of this new product, so that you can gain a competitive advantage in future. You can implement rich cards with the help of schema.org markup.

How to Implement It with JSON-LD?
During the time of coding your pages, the SEO expert can use JavaScript Object Notation or JSON. JSON permits developers to arrange data across Internet with the help of Linked Data. It is a method to let Google boot know what content your page has. This information helps Google to display your site as rich cards.

Rich Cards – How to Assess the Success of the Markup?
If you are not sure whether the code you are using is right or not, you can check the viability of the markup. Google offers online Internet marketing experts special tools for the testing.

Plug the URL of the page you have marked up into the space on the form and click “Run Test” button. The tools will offer you the desired result and inform, if there are any errors.

How to Check If the Cards Are Indexed?
Google has introduced a tool to check how many cards are indexed. This tool is part of Google Search Console, of which most online Internet marketing experts have an account with Search Console.

The left side of the sidebar of the Search Console has a segment called Search Appearance.  The segment of Rich Cards is present exactly below the Search Appearance. By clicking on the former, you can see how often the rich cards are appearing on search engine result pages.

The tool can also offer you an insight into mistakes in rich cards, if any. But, if you have already tested the markup, you will not come across any error. 

Google will also check and inform, if you are making complete use of the features of the rich card.

At the present time, Google offers rich cards only for sites that have content related to recipes and movies. But, in due course, the facility may extend to other sectors. Knowing about the new format in advance can help your business to face the onslaught of a new Internet marketing technique.

Author Bio – Susan Jones has 10 years of experience in a dental SEO company. She is considered one of the most famous names among the fraternity of SEO for dentists. Susan keeps herself updated with the latest advancements in the field of Internet marketing.

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