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Comfortable Mattresses For Platform Beds

>> Jul 19, 2016

Platform beds are quite common in the bedrooms with a modern design.  Buying a mattress for such a bed needs to fulfill the usual requirements of a mattress, meaning it needs to be soft and comfortable with a flat surface.  Like other mattresses, the foundation of platform beds too may or may not contain springs and have varied fillers inside them.  In short, the design of mattresses for platform beds is not different from the traditional beds. Nevertheless, since such a bed is given an angular shape with a hard base, it needs to remain firm for maintaining evenness between the edges of the bed.  Otherwise, you may opt to have any kind of mattress that you feel comfortable for sleeping.

You get a large variety of mattresses. These include foam, innerspring, pillow-top, and those using water or air as fillers.  All such mattresses are suitable for platform beds as long as they sit firmly on the bed and look good therein.  Here is some additional information about such mattresses.
Best Mattresses

Platform beds come in very attractive designs and form a part of contemporary furniture.  These add a bit of style to the bedroom too.  Generally, made from wood, these are nearer to the ground.  Their edges are sharp and angular.  You get these in different sizes as per requirements. Though available in wide ranging designs, Japanese platform beds are certainly most popular.  Though such a bed is designed to look quite different from the conventional designs, the space it offers for the mattress is the same as in case of conventional beds, meaning you won't require a mattress in any special size. So, you can very conveniently get a mattress exclusive of box springs.  Some of the popular kinds of mattresses are described hereunder, enabling you to select the correct one.

Foam Mattresses

Such mattresses are manufactured using polyurethane plus other chemicals to enhance their viscosity and density. The material being soft gets easily molded as per the body shape of the sleeper.  Depending on the pressure sensitivity of the user, they may opt to have this material with low or high density. A foam mattress is ideally suited for platform beds, being really comfortable and its inherent characteristic to mold as per the shape of the bed.  Such mattresses are among the most economical, compared to other varieties.

Innerspring Mattresses

These are also very popular and incorporate coiled wires that provide the required support.  These have internal springs, with springs at the border providing support to foam kept on the periphery of the mattress to make it usable.  Such mattresses are exceptionally convenient, being internally flexible and externally supple.  You can also get innerspring mattress devoid of any spring box.  These are also available in pillow style for users who find it more convenient and comfortable.

Customized Mattresses

Water or air is the most commonly used filler for customized mattresses.  You can control the volume of these fluids as per users' requirements. You get air cylinders for filling up the mattress with air. These are portable mattresses, making these especially helpful to people who keep moving to different houses frequently.  Since you can have these in any size, these are most preferred for modern platform beds.  

Now that you are informed of various options for mattresses, you can easily choose the one that best answers your requirements.

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