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What to Look for in a Divorce Mediation Attorney

>> Jul 5, 2016

A divorce mediation attorney is a legal professional who has the skills and training to offer clients an aggressive defense in the courtroom or take the position of a neutral who guides all parties in a dispute towards an agreeable resolution. When a couple decides to divorce, feelings of anger and hostility may prevent them from considering a peaceful resolution like mediation. Once they understand the time and money that may be involved in a contested divorce in court, mediation may begin to look more appealing. Finding the right divorce mediation attorney at the beginning of the process is a good way to be prepared for either direction you decide to take.

Knowledge of the Law

Regardless of the process you choose for pursuing a divorce, the divorce mediation attorney should have in-depth knowledge of family law in your state of residence. Laws vary from state to state and the person representing you should understand them to the very last detail. While most people understand the significance of having a legally knowledgeable courtroom attorney, a mediator must also have this high level of expertise. Although they will act as a neutral instead of representing one party, they will need to know the law in order to guide those parties towards acceptable resolutions that are based in law.

Experience as a Mediator

Divorce mediation is becoming a more acceptable process for couples who prefer to maintain control of the outcome of their divorce and which costs them less money. A successful outcome to mediation means not having to proceed to court or leave the outcome of the divorce in the hands of a judge who doesn’t understand the unique features of the case. Due to the importance of the role of the mediator, finding a divorce mediation attorney who has been educated to play the role of mediator is essential. Ken Ferguson has attended numerous Civil and Family mediation classes in addition to becoming a certified mediator to offer clients the professional level of legal services they need in the courtroom and out. 

Free Consultation

Credentials can easily be obtained by reading a divorce mediation attorney’s website but some of the most important information can be obtained in person. A free consultation allows you to meet with the professional, receive validation of any training they have received, and find out if you feel comfortable with them. Communication between attorney and client is necessary to ensure you are able to understand what your attorney is telling you and you will follow their guidance. It is also an opportunity to discuss the details of your divorce case and decide the best process going forward.

Divorce is a stressful process that marks the end of an era in the spouse’s lives and the beginning of another one. Mediation makes it easier and faster to make the transition from being a married couple to starting a new life alone. Choose a divorce mediation attorney who will offer you the greatest chance of successfully accomplishing your goals.

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