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Teachergive Sale 2023

Power Tower Allows You To Exercise Your Full Body

>> Jul 7, 2016

The use of power tower is now a very common option to those, who want to buy gym tools, for practicing exercises at their home. Though dumbbells provide different workouts, power tower may do a lot for you. It enables you to do different workouts, aiming at various parts of the body.


In order to toughen triceps, it may be best for you to choose triceps dips. Dips involve wonderful triceps workouts; however, they may also make your pectoral muscles functional. To accomplish this exercise rightly, you have to balance your own body. While you have lowered to the base point, ensure that you move below a tip where the elbows are in right angled position.

For more effective triceps dips-

  • Position the weights of your ankle or any weight belt in order to enhance resistance.
  •  Carry out the exercise just after doing chest workouts, like push-ups
  • Drive up using the arms, and never apply lower portion of the body for lifting you up.

Remember that some of the power towers include dip station on a particular side, while pull-up bar is on another side. Other machines are much space efficient as they include both on either side.


To improve your chest portion, you may perform push-ups, a workout that is often undervalued. This is really a remarkable way to treat your shoulders and triceps. With the use of power tower’s handles, you may do more intense push-ups that are more difficult to accomplish.


To make your abs work out in the best way, each of the towers comprises a station for Vertical Knee Raises. VKR is an extremely powerful workout to care for your abs. You may get some unique back and arm pads on which you can rest while doing this exercise. The following tips may make your workout more efficient-

  • Ensure whether your back portion is held firmly against cushion.
  • Lift up the knees in a diagonal and straight motion. The latter one is for core abs while the former one deals with the obliques.
  • Besides, you may grip a dumbbell between intersected ankles for adding resistance to your workouts

Pull-up bar is the best part to work out back muscles. Some power tower models have comprehensive bar that helps you in having grips at different distances. Other kinds of models do not provide such bar, as they have only 2 knobs to do the pull-up.

Pull-up is the most excellent body weight workout that is effective for strengthening your biceps and back muscles. You may turn this workout into a more challenging one in different methods-

  • Apply grips alternatively
  • Add some weight with your weight belt

So, with the aid of power tower, you may enhance the muscles of different body parts. Whether you are doing some simple exercise or the advanced ones, everything is possible with your power tower. However, you need to do exercises regularly so that the best results can be recognized easily.

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