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Things to Consider When Your Teenagers Want to Make Money

>> Jul 1, 2016

Being parents of teenagers are always full of challenges.  As parents, you need to know the right approach and method to keep good connection with your adolescent and to maintain them in the right path as they are at specific period of their growing up into adulthood. Of course, every parent hopes their teen can change from cheerful children to responsible and successful adults in the future.  However, teen’s increasing hormones makes this transition moment is never effortless.

But how if your teen comes to you and says that she or he wants to work and get their own money? Before making any decision on this make money teenager issue; it would be wiser for you to know things to consider first.   Based on the related data of U.S. Department of Labor, it turns out that working teenager is not a new fact. There are many high school students who have part-time jobs or informal jobs at some time during the school year.

So folks, here are things that you should pay attention before you convey any statement on your teen’s working intention.

Find out the true reason of your teen to make money.

Ask your teen about his/her motivation to work. If it is for positive purposes, you should give support while still supervise. Help your teen in managing money efficiently to avoid wasting money for less required stuff or overspend. Teaching her/him to make a simple budget would be a great idea.

A report on this matter stated that the majority motivation to work for teens is still consumptive reason –to purchase things that they like. Other reasons are to pay their personal expenses, save money for college fund and support family financial problem.

Advantages and disadvantages.

Getting informal job or part-time employment could be the right method to assist the transition of teenagers to grow up into established, fruitful and dependable society members.

Any job can assist young person in various ways. Some of benefits are to become more financially independent, make use of free time productively, build better characters like improved confidence and sense of responsibility, learn different positive skills such as time management and communication skill, get valuable work experiences, reach new achievements, and obtain chances to live more meaningful life.

Taking jobs might cause bad effects such as lack of time for study and any school activity, difficulty to balance work and school that induces higher stress, possible exposure to drugs and alcohol, and decreasing academy grades. Based on the research, negative things only occur when teens working 20 hours or more a week.

Ways to stay away from negative possibilities of making money for teenagers

-The research mentioned that drawbacks of having jobs don’t happen to students who work 10 hours or less a week.
So, make sure first the working hours of the job that your teen will take.
-Pass up any type of job that too difficult and complex to handle by teens.
-Jobs are only taken during free time or school holidays such as summer employment program.

Considering all points above will support you to make the right decision and your teenager will benefit most from making money experience in less risky way!

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