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Planning a Student Removal to Finchley? Here's What You Should Know

>> Jul 22, 2016

When you decide it’s time to start a student’s life in Finchley and you are ready to go, you cannot simply pack up and run out the door, ready for adventures. No matter how much you analyse how Bilbo Baggins did that, it’s not how life works. You need to plan ahead and actually do some research. You need to know where you are going and, as a student, what you will need to survive the dangers of dorm room life. And here are some things you need to do before calling the moving van Finchley and complete the relocation process:

Explore the Area

If you are going to be a student in Finchley, then you should get acquainted with the area. Take a trip a week or so before you move there and see what the place is like. Go around and see the landmarks, then go see your dorm room, or your flat, if you are planning on living in a flat. And then find all the local amenities around the flat – the diner around the corner, the local grocery shop, the nearest park: all the places you will learn to cherish during your student spell. And if you truly are an adventurous person and a lover of art, then go and see all the art that the area offers, such as The Archer, La Deliverance, and the Highwayman Tree.

Find the Transport Options

You may not wish to be stuck in Finchley all the time, so what you should do is also check all the transport links that the area provides. That way you will know how far and when you can go somewhere else to venture outside this zone of comfort which you will be establishing for yourself. No need to stay in one place since the man and van drops you off and till you graduate, right? Finchley has four tube stations – make use of them!

Pack Wisely

Naturally, you should also prepare yourself for the student’s life. If you are moving home into a dorm room, then no need to go all out and prepare several hundred removal boxes. What you need to do is check how much space you can use in the dorm, and then pack the essentials. Be smart and take things you need, not things you want. The latter will come later, so no need to be hasty and constantly in a hurry. For now stick with clothing, bathroom essentials, and sheets. You would be wise to also take some cleaning tools, like a mop and a brush, because, let’s face it, it’s a dorm room – it is bound to get dirty.Also don’t forget to get a laptop or a tablet, or something you can use for information gathering.

Get Cheap Removals

Student removals should go simple and easy. There is no need to hire full removal service for the job; you only need a reliable moving company that can provide you with a removal van, or a man with a van Finchley, if you need the extra helping hand. This will make the home removal that much easier and will leave you with only the packing and exploring to worry about.
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Settle In!

And after all this you should be ready to enjoy the new life, the student’s life in Finchley. Get packing, get moving, and get going to face the adventures that await you for the next few years and remember to learn as much as you can to face life more and more prepared.


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Unknown February 9, 2017 at 10:41 PM  

Great tips! When I moved to the university as a student, I made the terrible mistake to not label the moving boxes. As simple as it sounds, correctly labeling removals boxes can actually help save you a lot of effort and time on the moving day.

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