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Best Attraction for Kids in Chennai

>> Apr 27, 2017

Is travelling only for Adults? In a way, it may be yes as kids can’t travel alone. But what’s wrong with adults shadowing their kids in protection and letting them explore the world to their cute-limits. If you are planning a travel from Doha to Chennai with your family, let your kids have a bazillion of giggle-perks this year at their type of places. Chennai is pretty good with this as it gives you plenty in the form of parks, museums, amusement and kids land. So let’s dig in to discover more;

Queens Land
With just 30-min drive from central town of Chennai, Queens Land is truly meant for family outings. It was established by Rajam Hotels Pvt. LTD in 2003 and doing really well up till now. One gets a chance to enjoy the roller coaster ride, shutter the panoramic view on a cable car, puzzle around the mirror house, and fascinate with the Himalayan Water Splashes etc. There are numerous food and beverages stalls settled within the park so that you are all set to spend a great time there.

Kishkinta Theme Park
Over 2 decades old, this enticing amusement park is located near Vandalur Railway Station that is just 15 Min drive from Anakaputhur South. This amazing theme park is spread across 120 acres of man-made landscapes, lakes and hills that makes it even more attractive for children to splash and giggle around. Being on of the best places for Family Hangouts, Kishkinta Theme Park is perfectly suitable for the 6-60 years old who just want to press F5 in their mind.

With tons of game and rides especially for kids, this park also offers boating and karting as well. In order to keep your carried-belongings safe, this park provides dormitory and locker facilities also. With a reasonable entry fees, this theme park gives tons of great experiences. So just make sure to visit this park when you move from Doha to Chennai this summer.

MGM Dizzee World
Giving out the perfect blend of thrilling experiences, MGM Dizzee World shows up amongst the cynosure amusements spots in Chennai. If you are looking for the true value of your trip from Doha to Chennai in terms of thrill and entertainment for your kids, MGM is truly for you. In fact, your kids will get tons of joy rids garnished with the nursery rhymes in the Maryworlds.

Furthermore, you would require fueling up while entertaining. So just head to 1 of the 4 restaurants inside the amusement park that offer all types of food from South Indian, Fast Food, Chinese and numerous cuisines etc. If you have your own conveyance, the Parking Space at MGM Dizzee Words is more than just friendly with that. In fact, there is a space of almost 50 Buses, 300 Cars and 750 Bikes. So what do you say! 

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Regional Railway Museum
Looking to give your kids a quick look-back of past? Well, this museum would be no less than a treasure not just for kids but for you as well. Showing up with the perfect blend, this museum walks you through the precious past, present and the developments taking place for the better future. You can take a look at the little models of coaches, tracks, bogies and different types of old style vehicles. For sure, it's no less than true exhibition of a beautiful past.

Summing it up, just pay a visit to Chennai this summer as these amazing spot are eager to welcome you on the most enticing land of this world. Once you reach Chennai, there is much more that you would love to see. Therefore, just keep up with the map and tour guides there are also very helpful.

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Putra April 27, 2017 at 4:33 PM  

Chennai sounds new for me. But its seems has good attraction for kids.

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