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Different Reasons Of Slip And Fall Accidents In The Office

>> Apr 27, 2017

When the management carelessly maintains their office or fails to warn employees of potential risks, it can cause accidents and victims can suffer from serious injuries.

Federal and state laws require employers to provide workers with safety equipment, training, and other security measures to avoid slip, trip and fall accidents and injuries at offices and other job sites.

The following are common reasons for slip and fall accidents that may occur in the office.

Cluttered Floors – Stocks stacked in aisles or equipment, supplies, debris, or trash that is left out are tripping hazards.
Damaged stairs and floors – Employers and the management should fix torn mats or carpets, floorboards, loose floor tiles, and broken or loose handrails or stair treads. They can move under a person’s weight, and the person might fall.

Slippery and floors – Spills or melted ice should be cleaned up immediately. After mopping the floors, there should be signs that will warn employees of wet floors.
Insufficient lighting – Inadequate light makes it hard for employees to see obstacles or stairway steps or to identify changes in the way. Shifting from a lighted area into the dark could also cause a temporary loss of vision which can cause a person to trip.

Potholes and ditches – Trenches, holes and other openings in parking lots or grounds and other paved space should be covered, filled, or marked with warning signs.

Damaged pathways – Walkways which has large cracks in the pavement provide a risk of tripping and falling.


Slips, trips, and falls compose the majority of offices and premises accidents. Next, to vehicular accidents, slips, trips, and falls are the most common accidents which can lead to personal injury. However, the majority of these type of accidents are preventable. The management and the owners just need to know the reasons and causes of these accidents and fix the problems at their premises.

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