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Teachergive Sale 2023

First Time Spay Tan: Preparations And Basics

>> Apr 17, 2017

Undressing in front a total stranger may be a little daunting but think of your spray tanning session as no different than a trip to the doctor or your waxer. A good place like Gotham Glow of New York will have experience putting you at ease and make the process quick, fun, and painless.

1. Turn up foundation-free
It is wise that you remove your makeup prior to your best spray tan. Since most salons provide make-up removal, you can wait until the last minute and do it there. Also, be sure to remove any deodorant that might create a barrier and prevent the tan from gliding on evenly.

2. Bare it all or not
You can opt to tan in whatever makes you comfortable, shorts, bikini, boxers, or nothing at all etc. Good salons will provide a disposable thong for you. Also, be prepared to remove all jewelry and get to grips using the provided accessories.

3. Protect your hair
The best salons, like Gotham Glow of New York, will provide hairties and shower caps. Some less quality salons may provide these items for an additional fee. Best to ask before you go.

4. Envision the look
Your technician will ask you how dark you’ll want to go. Use this opportunity to explain to him/her what you really like. Don’t shy away from referencing a celeb or show him/her a picture of how you’ll want to look like. Every salon is different, using different formulas. If natural is what you’re after, be sure to do lots of research and choose a salon which uses it’s own proprietary solution.  Use caution, many boutique style salons may look stylish and high-end but are simply using a generic blend of solution, same as larger chain store options.  Gotham Glow of New York known for it’s perfectly blended proprietary solution to give you that gorgeous celebrity glow.

5. Washing it off
If you plan to wash off the spray tan the following morning, you’ll want to sleep in loose, dark clothing. If it gets on the sheets, be prepared to treat those fabrics sooner than later.

The best spray tan in New York
Going for a spray tan means you’ll have to wear the end result, not like an outfit you can just take off if you don’t like it, so be sure to really do your research and choose a quality, professional salon such as Gotham Glow of New York.

What to consider
     Experience: Go for the best spray tan in New York. He/she must have adequate experience in spray tanning.
     Reputation: The spray tanning provider should command enough reputation
     Success rate and cost
     Formula used and is it a good match for your skin tone.

People argue that spray tanning is bad, but who will not want to have a golden glowing skin? Forget the fake-baking that is done under artificial lights. The real deal is sugar-based spray tans. These spray tans (which work naturally with the body’s chemistry) are becoming common ways of getting a natural-looking tan devoid of the harmful UV rays’ effects.

If you have been looking for ways to make your skin glow again, you need to choose the best spray tan in New York. 

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