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Fun Ways To Store Toys

>> Apr 11, 2017

Most children have an abundance of toys in the bedroom or the living room. What better way to store all of those toys than in personalized toy chests. It's easy to make your own with a little paint, a few letters and other items that can showcase the cartoons and other items that the child likes. Toy chests can be given as a birthday gift, as a holiday present or when the baby comes home from the hospital so that all of the toys that are collected over time can be stored in one place.
personalized toy chests
Planters are often used outside to hold flowers and other plants. Paint planters to match the design of the room, and put them on the wall to hold books and stuffed animals. It's best to only put small items or things that are lightweight in them so that they don't fall.

When you begin putting together a toy chest or designing it so that it's personalized for the child, think about what the child likes to do during the day. Make a race track on the lid of the chest, or put chalkboard material on the side so that the child can draw. You could also put storage compartments on the side to hold books and craft supplies. Put the name or initials on the toy chest along with stickers and other items that bring out the child's personality.

Fabric storage boxes are easy to customize with felt appliques and cloth letters. You can easily store the boxes in the closet or on a shelf, sorting the toys into each box to make it easier for the child to find something to play with. Small boxes that are made of wood will last longer, but you need to sand the outside so that there aren't any splinters to get into the hands while the child is playing. A toy chest that looks like a toy is another idea for the child. Examples include boxes that look like a LEGO or one that looks like a car. Girls might enjoy a chest that looks like a princess castle.

2 komentar:

Putra April 12, 2017 at 4:38 PM  

I remember when I was kid I have so many toys around me. But my mama always teach me to collect and store it all when I've done. I have 3 box full of toys. Im was a happy kid

Admin April 12, 2017 at 4:43 PM  

its look perfect store, firtly for the childrend ?

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