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Get a great care at Bethany Hospitals for surgical quality treatment

>> Apr 24, 2017

Those who suffer from illness or any kind of disease should get the best treatments so that they can be cured. Hospitals and other medical institutions should live on the motto that, serving the patients and treating their problems should be their main motto and goal of life. Giving medical aid and helping someone should not be the business through which one can churn out profit but it is the basic duty of all the hospitals and institutions to provide the best possible treatment to someone who is suffering from physical pain.

These days’ multi-specialty hospitals have become a common thing especially in cities. But earlier it was not the same situation. There were not a lot of super speciality hospitals those days. That’s why Dr Stephen Alfred thought of having one and the result is Bethany Hospitals.

Initially the name was Lok Hospital which was established in February 1997. Then Bethany Hospitals came to operation from June 2011. This is a 125 bedded multi-specialty hospital which is serving people for 7 years now. This is an eight-storied structure and this has many facilities that the patients can avail.

Here it is said that both the clinical and the surgical branches are safe in some expert hands and they have a very high quality of treatment there. This is a centrally air conditioned hospital and here the best treatment is provided to the medical and surgical services. Here one can find a 24-hour traumatic centre along with an operation theatre attached to it. One can also find some outpatient rooms here along with all the latest diagnostic equipment, which have all the needed facilities like MRI scanner, Spiral CT scan equipment, High Dependency Units and dialysis room as well.

This hospital is also very famous for high quality cancer treatment in Mumbai. They have the latest equipment, which are needed for an oncology treatment and many hospitals in Mumbai do not have these facilities. This is by far the best in radiation oncology in this city at present.

The best part of this hospital is again its affordability. They have assured healthcare services and that too within the reach of common people. Here one can undergo a cost-effective operation and they get a lot of benefits from that. They have the affordable healthcare in Mumbai. Here the doctors, the surgeons and the other hospital staffs are qualified and well experienced. They try to serve the best to all the patients who come here to get treated and the hospitality service here is amazing.

The inpatient department here has the ICU, NICU, HDU and the Ward facilities. The ICU is at the third floor and it is a 12-bed unit. They have highly experienced nurses and other medical staffs. This is for the patients who need Intensive Care. The NICU is mainly for the babies who are born premature. They also have a neo natal diagnostic care and services. On the other hand, HDU represents the high dependency unit and it can accommodate only five patients at a time. The ward here is a huge one with 88 beds which are again divided into single cabins, twin shared cabins and general wards. This is mainly for the patients who come with not so critical diseases.
This Bethany Hospital has a great service.

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Putra April 25, 2017 at 9:19 AM  

Mumbai, the most famous city with their health technology represent by this one, Bathany Hospital.
Very recommended for those who wants great cancers treatment. Nice share!

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