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Best Food During Pregnancy: Wonderful Weeks of Easy Food To Know

>> Apr 8, 2017

When you’re pregnant, there is no better time to take good care of your health than knowing that you have a baby inside of you. You have to eat the right food and avoid the ones that will harm your child. But how to know which is safe and which ones are to look out for?
Have you asked yourself with questions like: Can pregnant women eat clam chowder? Can pregnant women eat mushrooms while pregnant? Because who knows? You might get food poisoning while pregnant. And that is something you should not want to experience during your pregnancy.

So, here’s a list of what food you should eat and what shouldn’t eat in these weeks. Note, some may not apply to you, but this one helped me during my pregnancy. I also broke it down per trimester for easy reading.

0-12 weeks (First Trimester)
During the first three months of your pregnancy, you’ll get to experience so many hormonal changes in your body. You’ll be having major mood swings, food cravings, and morning sickness. Not to mention, your baby is growing, and your placenta is just developing! You need to eat healthily at this stage!

Fiber-rich food: Oats, cornflakes, whole wheat bread, bran flakes, peas, sweet potatoes
Vegetable: Spinach, broccoli, asparagus, okra, romaine lettuce, cabbage, carrot, mint, cauliflower
Beans: soya beans, chickpeas, kidney beans
Dairy: Cheese, pasteurized milk, yogurt
Protein: chicken, lean meat, egg
Iron: small amount of seafood, poultry
Fruits and vegetables

Bonus: Eat bland snacks like crackers to help you get through your morning sickness or nausea. You can take coconut water or banana shake to help you fill your electrolytes and maintain your emotions.

Tip: Do not consume more than 12 ounces of seafood in a week. You’ll be getting more mercury than you can imagine. Can you eat more shellfish? Can pregnant women eat crab? It’s safe to eat in small amounts, but too many can cause food poisoning while pregnant.

13-28 weeks (Second Trimester)
Your second trimester is quite tricky. Thus, you need to have more iron for your baby’s needs. Do you know why? The baby gets his nutrients through the bloodstream. You also need to vitamins and minerals to keep you and your child healthy while he continues to develop and grow in your tummy. Chowing down food rich with antioxidants can boost both of your immune systems.

Fruits and vegetables
Iron: Nuts, dates, soy, meat, beans, dates, lentils
Omega 3 fatty acid: Small amount of sardines, mackerel, salmon, walnut
Calcium: Yogurt, milk, cheese, curd, sunflower seeds
Iodine: Kelp, shellfish, cod, prunes, lima beans, iodized salt
Vitamin A: Butter, egg yolk, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes

Bonus: For snacks at this time of your life, prepare a bowl of yogurt with nuts and fruits. Milkshakes make a great comfort drink when you’re pregnant. But never forget to give importance to drinking water!

Tip: Eat your fruits and veggies everyday to boost your immunity from carrying out daily tasks. You may need iodine during your second trimester for your baby’s body development but don’t eat too many seafoods. I placed prunes and lima beans there to act as substitutes. Oh, and remember, eat lots of fruits and vegetables!

29-40 weeks (Third Trimester)
In your last semester, you’ll be feeling more tired, hot or sweaty and emotional. Therefore, never stop drinking water. That one replenishes your strength and keeps you cool throughout you experiencing hot flushes. Take lots of Vitamin K before your baby is born. Babies don’t have much of it, so, you have to give it to him while he’s inside your stomach. Vitamin K is a pack of potential benefits for your baby’s blood clot and formation of bones.

Drinks: Water, cool juices, coconut juice, cucumber juice
Green leafy vegetables: Kale, turnip greens, broccoli, cabbage, bok choy
Cool, watery fruits: watermelon, grapes, apple, orange
Snacks: Fried vegetables with tofu or mixed salad
Vitamin D: Fortified milk, hardboiled eggs, fish
Iron: Nuts and beans, poultry meat

Bonus: Energy bars full of oats, fruits, and nuts works well during this period to perk you up during the day. It would be best if you can make your fruit and vegetable smoothies too!

Tip: Since your baby would be popping out anytime soon, I suggest you carry some light snacks in your bag or pockets like biscuits and crackers. Especially when you’re going to the hospital, stack some snacks and drinks in your emergency bag already.

Meal plans for the pregnant mother
You can try making a meal plan out of the following food items listed above or make your own. During my pregnancy, I used to have takeouts until I begin mapping and planning my meals every week.

For example, you can have one cup of milk, toasted whole grain bread, and bananas for breakfast, while you can have your salad and bits of mackerel during lunch. You know what I mean. I cannot stress how important meal plans are.

Author Bio:

Sarah is the founder of GiantMommy. She likes to write about mommies and their babies. Sometimes, even if she doesn’t, she likes to hear stories from other mothers. She may not be an expert mommy by any means, but she is happy to share what works for mothers out there.

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Putra April 9, 2017 at 5:35 AM  

Nice share, Sarah.
Pregnancy of course make some women freak out about thinking what should they do, what should they eat to make sure the nutrition comes with properly for their babies. This article help them to know it.

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