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Teachergive Sale 2023

How to Use a Pet-Safe Carpet Cleaning Service for a Happier Family

>> Jun 28, 2017

If you have a pet in your house, you appreciate how important it is to keep it happy. A pet is part of your family and even when moving, you have to make arrangements on how best to relocate with your loving companion. Whether you are a dog, cat, or bird person, it is important to always ensure they are happy because this is the way to treat these members of your family. 

If your pets are increasingly gloomy and they are falling sick regularly, there could be a problem with your home cleaning methods. Now that pets love the carpet, any cleaning service you use must be pet-friendly to keep your pet safe and happy. Carpets are an essential in every home and due to regular use, they will need proper cleaning and maintenance.  If this is not done through an eco-friendly cleaning service, it can lead to problems for both the family and your pet.

Dangers of Ordinary Carpet Cleaning

Hiring any carpet cleaner in the city is not only risky to your family but also to your pets. In fact, chemical carpet cleaning also ruins the quality of the material which necessitates costly replacement. Pet-safe carpet cleaning on the other hand avoids the use of chemicals which are harmful to the home’s occupants and the environment. Most of the products used by carpet cleaners cause eye and lung irritation and can even cause fatalities.

Everyone enjoys a clean carpet and so does your pet. Any home with pets will have to consider the fact that their carpets require more specialized attention. This is exactly what the best carpet cleaners in Columbus offer. Among the specialized pet-friendly carpet cleaning tasks that they perform are:

  • Pet stain and odor removal –Animals will always be animals and you can bet your carpet will have more stains and urine smell over time. You might not notice this but visitors will be able to tell you have a pet. To avoid such embarrassment, make sure you only use a carpet cleaner who understands how to deal with pet stains and odors.
  • Pet-friendly carpet cleaning are bio-degradable, which means they don’t pose any danger to you or the pet. Such products are not harmful to the environment and you are assured of a healthier living space.
  • More effective cleaning – The cleaning process guarantees your carpets stay cleaner for a longer time as no residues are left behind. Your floors will always look inviting and you won’t have to worry about staining. What’s more, this specialized cleaning process also deals with pet hair, dander, dust and allergens which could cause health complications to the home’s occupants.
  • Natural pleasant smell – There is nothing as invigorating as walking into a room smelling of freshness. Even if you are tired, you get a new bust of energy. You will observe the same with your pets and they will always be jovial and eager to play.

Pet-friendly cleaning makes your living space cleaner and healthier and you don’t have to break the bank for such services. 

Author Bio

Darius Earl is a home maintenance consultant with over 16 years’ experience in the industry. He consults for Carpet Cleaners in Columbus and also blogs about topical issues in the industry. Darius lives with his family in the city. 

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