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Why is Dress up for Halloween Significant to the Fashion World?

>> Jun 15, 2017

October 31st is a day that many are happy to see. It is Halloween of course, one of the most awaited celebrations year in year out. What is surprising is how people across the world love to dress up for this special day.

From the young to the old, Halloween is a festival that can’ go unnoticed, especially when it comes to the fashion and beauty that Halloween costumes depict. In fact, Halloween is a culture that is here to stay, and dressing up for this day is something that most people enjoy. However, the most commonly asked question is, why do people dress up for Halloween? Keep reading and find out why.

·         Dressing up is fun
Ever dressed up for Halloween before? If yes, then you know how much fun it is dressing up in silly, skimpy, weird or scary costumes. If not, then you have been missing out on your only chance to besilly and weird without looking like a retard.  Themost fun part of it all is the Halloween party where people look forward to that eye catching movie costume that will leave many envious.

·         Dressing up is a tradition
Ever heard of the saying, when you go to Rome, you do what the Romans do? This basically applies in the US and other places where Halloween has been celebrated for years. In fact, Halloween is a national celebration in the US and even our fore fathers took part in it. Therefore, to keep the tradition alive, people need to dress up and hit the streets for the best Halloween celebrations every year.

·         Dressing up gives us a different image
Personification is part of Halloween. For example, if you are a movie fanatic, you can dress up as your favourite movie character this Halloween. It will be a wonderful chance for you to feel like that movie character, even if just for a day. And that is indeed the beauty of Halloween dress ups.

·         Dressing up brings a community together
Halloween is all about dressing up in costumes that are scary, weird, funny, silly… you name it. It is also a festival where kids and adults storm the streets for a fun filled celebration; the adults gather for a night of fun while the kids ring other people’s door bells filling bags with candy.As weird as it sounds, everyone within your neighbourhood, stranger or not, deserves a once-in-a-while fĂȘte.

·         Dressing up for Halloween is a fashion statement
Yes, don’t be left behind. Dress up in your favourite costumes and your outfit might just break the internet come October and be the best Halloween costume 2017.

Now, have you thought of this year’s Halloween costume? Do not panic; there is still enough time for you to browse a range of costumes before making a final choice. There are hundreds of inspirations that you can lean on to make this year’s Halloween exceptional and a memorable one. After all, dressing up is the norm of all Halloweens, right?

As a final point, whether it is a cartoon character, a movie character or a celebrity you would love to dress up as, ensure that you do not lose the beauty of Halloween. 

Melisa Moore is a fashion blogger and web content writer. She is also a big Halloween fan. For the ultimate Halloween movie costume, check out her website. You can follow Melisa in her twitter handle @

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