Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

How can you choose your best yoga teacher training classes?

>> Jun 22, 2017

If you are yoga aspirant and want to teach yoga in future, then choosing the right class is very important. Yoga is the only thing that you some of your inner peace. Practicing and giving knowledge about yoga is a very wise decision. So, before you take up a class, there are some points you should keep in mind in order to choose the best suitable class for you. Those points can be discussed as under.

Points to clarify, before you choose
·         Cost: Everything in this world has a charge, so is the yoga teacher training class. So, before you opt for anyone, check the prices of more than 2 to 3 classes. This will give you a perfect idea about the money you are going to spend. Joining without knowing anything is not at all recommended.

·         Duration: If you are planning to start your own class in a month or so, and you opt for some training which will run for 6 months, then this does not make any point. That is the reason why, knowing the duration of the class is very essential. So, before joining, check for your routine and then choose accordingly.

·         Types of yoga: This is very important. Deciding which style of Yoga do you want to teach is essential because for some normal reasons. Say, you are learning Ashtanga yoga, but actually you want to teach your students about the Vikrama Yoga. This is definitely make some messes. So, carefully decide which type are you into, then opt for a suitable yoga teacher training class accordingly.

·         Place: where you learn YTT is a good and tough question. There are some places which are meant for yoga only. A place called Rishikesh in India, is known as then yoga capital of the world. Many yogis, from India and outside India, have learnt their yoga skills from the pioneer here. They have some distinct ways to teach yoga, which will make you a perfect teacher. Some of the other places include Costa Rica and Spain, which too have some pioneers there. While you learn from the superiors, you will be on a path to become great, as yoga is nothing but practice.

·         Goal: This is another very important thing one should consider while taking an YTT. What and why do you want to lean teacher training is a most asked question, and a yoga aspirant should answer this properly. If the goal is not clear, it is not possible for any yogi to become great. So, ask yourself, that why so you want to teach yoga? Will that give you money? Peace? Or whatever may be the answer, you should know it properly, in order to succeed in your way.

So, it can be concluded that teaching yoga is a wide decision, but before taking any classes one should consider some of the reasons. The above points will help you to decide your perfect yoga teacher, who will definitely help you to be the pioneer. 

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Mang Lembu June 22, 2017 at 9:20 PM  

mulai latihan Yoga juga neng?
saya dan ibue mah udah sejak 6 bulan lalu ikutan latihan Yoga, makanya nih...liat nih...wajah saya seger...nih

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