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Breath of Nature: Create A Botanically Inspired Bedroom

>> Jun 14, 2017

According to Pantone, Greenery is the new IT color. This year, it is all about this refreshing and revitalizing shade which evokes the feeling you get on the first day of spring. It is nature's neutral which inspires you to pause everything for a moment, take a step back and take a deep breath. Exactly what you need after an exhausting day, right? That is why it represents a perfect color for your bedroom.

However, in interior design, color is only the base upon we build our unique style, and if you are looking to redecorate your bedroom and make it your own oasis of peace, consider implementing some of the popular botanical themes.


Less is more, they say; so if you want nothing more but bare essentials in your bedroom, which items would you opt for? A king-sized bed, a night stand for your clothes and a book shelf to keep your night reading materials. If you are obeying by the rules of Feng Shui, you will probably choose not to keep plants in your bedroom, but not to worry – there are still ways you can bring nature into your bedroom. We advise going for the combination of green and dark brown, but ensure the color of wood is the prevalent one, since it has a calming effect. You can also add an interesting night lamp, even one or two art pieces to spruce the place up, however, don't go overboard with the details, as you will want to keep your bedroom clutter-free. 

Tropical feel

For those who prefer a more literal touch of nature, dare to bring plants inside. Namely, plants have the power to boost your mood, enhance creativity, but also decrease your stress levels. They will bring tranquility, maintain humidity and produce oxygen, naturally filtering air pollutants. Placing a philodendron, snake plant, spider plant or English ivy will bring color to your room and make you feel like you are waking up every morning at a seaside resort, miles from your home and daily obligations. And for the authentic tropical holiday feel, order roller blinds online for your windows, and have the light rays of sun fall onto your sheets, while you are daydreaming on the bed or reading your favorite novel.


For a true botanical experience, choose plant-inspired textiles for your carpet, beddings or cushions; even just adding a wooden headboard can elevate the overall design of the place. We advise investing in floral prints, like water colors, illustrations, photographs of breathtaking landscapes, or even entire wallpapers, but not solely for your walls, but also mantels and shelves. If you are looking to create a really unique design, go for vintage bee cabinet knobs, dried pineapples or leaf jewelry trays. Rest assured your friends will envy you for your Architectural Digest-worthy bedroom d├ęcor.

The scent of nature

Last, but far from least, it is of essence to add some natural essence to your botanical bedroom. Get fresh fragrances, like eucalyptus, mint or citrus that will clear that stuffy air. Furthermore, scents like sandalwood, pine or cedar will surely make you feel like you are sleeping out in the open, under the starry sky. Get some scented candles, packed in interesting glass jars that will only add value to your design. You can even opt for some plant-based skincare products that not only smell and feel incredible on your body, but also have an interesting packaging that fits every nature-inspired design.

The best thing about these accessories is that if you ever grow tired of the botanical trend, you can easily remove them from the room and redecorate to accommodate your current mood. 

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