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6 Things You Must Check On Your Car Before A Road Trip

>> Jun 27, 2017

Leave the daily grind behind and enjoy the summer holiday! Once you’ve decided on a destination and chose the best crowd, you need to make sure that everything goes as planned. There are many ways you can go about traveling but I prefer a car as it makes me feel independent and a boss of my schedule. If you feel the same way, make sure there are no surprises on the road and check traffic and weather alerts. Most importantly, make sure your car does not give you any surprises so here’s a checklist to get you going smoothly.

Check the fluids

Do you like being thirsty? No? Well, same goes for your car. Make sure you top-up everything before you leave. If your oil-change is soon to be due, choose to do it before your trip, rather than after. Don’t think of wiper fluid as a less important one, don’t let yourself be surprised by the weather. Also, inspect all systems to ensure there are no leaks.

Check the tires and brakes

Make sure your car is kept down to earth by a good set of tires. Check that your tread is sufficient and that the tires are well aligned. If it’s possible, confirm that there aren’t any cracks that could become holes. Finally, have them all inflated properly and don’t forget to do the same for the spare tire. When it comes to brakes, you’ve already checked the brake fluid, now just make sure that all of the parts are in good shape.

Check the lights

Good visibility is a key to avoiding accidents. Make sure all the lights are working properly (headlights, taillights, turn signals and brakes). Have them either cleaned or replaced altogether. I took advice from a local mechanic in Epping so I test the headlights by facing my garage door. That way I can see if they are getting dim (if they are reflecting well enough) and how they are positioned. I suggest you do the same thing. You can turn around to test the taillights, too.

Check the battery

What use is there of a good car if it won’t start? Make sure to check the battery prior to setting off on your road trip. You can’t always rely on your car giving you signs of a battery dying, make a small trip to your mechanic and have them test it for you. Don’t forget your jumper cables!

Check the air-conditioning and the cooling system

Keep it cool! Bear in mind that you are going on a summer holiday.  You are going to regret ever leaving your house and start hating your fellow holiday-makers if you happen to be stuck with them in the insufferable heat for hours. You can’t scroll your windows down on a highway so make sure your AC is working properly. Also, pay attention to your car’s water pump and radiator as it needs to be able to cool off to avoid overheating.

Check the bottom of the list

Now for those things that are the easiest to be forgotten. Take basic tools and warning equipment with you in case you are required (and capable) to do any emergency repairs, e.g. replacing a flat tire. Pack up a reflecting triangle to indicate to other drivers that you are parked on the road (while replacing your flat tire). Anything else that you may find handy such as a flashlight, Swiss knife, blanket etc. is also welcome. Remember to fill your glow compartment with useful paperwork such as your insurance policy, warranty, emergency phone numbers etc.

Lastly, listen to your car (and my checklist). Do not ignore any of the lights that may appear on the dashboard as it is an obvious sign of something needing to be looked at. If you do this and follow the checklist your getting-there really will be half the fun! 

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