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Pest control treatment in your home – how you should prepare

>> Jun 15, 2017

You are about to have pest control treatment carried out in your home, and to be honest you are mainly concentrating on the thought of being pest free. That is your main concern. There is still some time to go before that happens though, and you have work to do. You need to prepare your home for the pest control work to be carried out.
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These preparations are important, if you want the process to go smoothly and the results to be successful. When the professional exterminators that you hire to do the work carry out their examination of your property, they will advise you about what you need to do in preparation for the extermination. You need to follow their instructions in full.

What you are likely to be told

Instructions for preparation required before pest control work can vary; that is why you should always pay attention to what you are told by the experts. Generally, you should expect to hear advice like:

  •  Remove obstacles from around the exterior of your home.
  • Clear the area that is being treated so that access is easy.
  • Clear out and clean kitchen cupboards if the kitchen is being treated.
  • Switch off the filter on fish tanks and make sure they are sealed. If the process is going to take a substantial amount of time, you may have to think about making arrangements for the care of fish.

This list is not exhaustive, but it does give you a good idea about the kind of preparations you will need to carry out.

What happens on the day?

More often than not, you will not have to leave your home while the pest control work is being carried out. However, you may be asked to remain in a different area of the property, while the work is completed and while the treated area dries out. This usually takes between two and four hours.

The situation is slightly different if there are any pregnant women, children or people who suffer with breathing problems living in your home. They will probably be asked to leave the property during treatment and to stay out of the property until treated areas are dry. The same applies to any pets that you have. If you follow the instructions of the exterminator the pest control process should be simple and safe, for you and your family.

The preparations that you complete before pest control work is carried out are important. For instance, if you do not clean food debris from kitchen cabinets, baits may be less effective. We have given you an idea about what to expect, with regard to necessary preparations. The pest control professionals that you hire to do the work will give you more detailed instructions. If you do as you are asked the pest control process should be successfully and safely completed. 

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