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Teachergive Sale 2023

Why are BouncyCastles and Houses so Popular?

>> Jun 1, 2017

For those out there who’ve never seen one, a bouncycastle is an inflatable building that you will usually see at a children’s birthday party, funfairs and various other events. The bouncy house can vary in size and shape from a simple enclosed bouncy area, to large “houses” of various styles. For example, a bouncy house can be shaped like a castle, might have more than one floor or level and often features a bouncy slide. These playful structures are extremely popular with children (and with some adults too!), and were first developed in the late 1950s.


The first bouncy house inflatable was a much more stripped down version of today’s incarnations and the first bouncy surfaces of this kind weren’t even enclosed. This was not so good in the interests of children playing on it and a bad idea, because they could easily bounce themselves off of it much to their annoyance,and even get hurt in a worst case scenario. The early inflatable was supposed to be what it may have felt like to walk in space or on the moon. And in fact, bounce houses were initially called “Space Walks”.

Renting and Material
Space Walks were popular from the start, especially during those times with the focus on the Space Race. Of course, if you’ve ever inflated a simple air filled mattress and have children, you will already know that just that alone is enough to provide entertainment for hours!If you’re considering renting a bouncy castle or other inflatables for a children’s party, you can get a great deal on rentals from companies suchas Simply the Best Events.

Bouncy houses and castles are usually made from a much stronger material than your average inflatable camping mattress and are made from thick layers of rubber, vinyl or nylon. And since lots of bouncing can rapidly deflate a bounce house, you’ll find that most of them are being constantly refilled with electric pumps. These are usually plugged in or powered by portable generators depending on the location.

Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Dangerous!
Most of the time, only children of a certain age and size play on bouncycastles and houses. Adults, especially if playing on very small inflatables, can,if not careful, quite easily bounce themselves off and have an accident. This applies to children also. It’s always in the children’s best interests to wisely restrict the number of bouncing children to the amount that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Too many children bouncing around can lead into them bumping into each other, which can lead to unhappy times and even worse. If you’re going to rent a bouncy house or castle, make sure that it’s well supervised to avoid collisions and any improper use.You can purchase small bounce houses, but these are not made to the same standards as are the commercial ones. They will not have the same durability as the rented type.

Enjoy your bounce and please bounce safely!

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