Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Caring for Your Dog: Dog Care and Recommendations

>> Jun 19, 2017

Taking care of your dog is one of the things that you should learn over time to give your pet the attention he deserves. This involves feedinghygiene and play care that will allow your pet to grow healthy and strong. Here are the most important tips for you to learn the essential dog care so that everything goes well. Remember: little by little, your pet and you will have a good time with patience and affection.

Dog care: from the most basic to the most complex

  • Feeding: Feeding your dog with leftovers from dinner a couple of days ago is not the best way to keep your pet healthy. Your dog needs quality food, plenty of protein, minerals and vitamins. Give her your dog food that is appropriate to their agethe puppy’s newborns will need puppy food exclusively. The same will apply for adult dogs.
  • Hygiene: the hygiene of your pets is essential for a comprehensive health. Do not limit yourself to bathing your dog : it is necessary to monitor the state of its  legs , ears , eyes ,  snout and fur . The dog hairdresser will be the one to give your dog that meticulous care he requires, and will also explain how to do it at home.
  • Walks: the cognitive stimulation is also important for your pet. A daily walk for your dog to run and have fun will keep you exercised; it will also help you release the tension of staying at home for a long time. In addition, to give a few turns to the apple with your dog will also help you to do exercises and it will help you with the socialization. Cheer up!
  • Sterilization: Sterilization is a recommended practice. In the case of males, castration decreases fights with other dogs, house leaks, even tendencies such as urinating or riding. In the case of females it will reassure you to know that sterilization eliminates heat, the possibility of pseudo gestation, reduces the incidence of breast tumors, as well as the meows and other behaviors of heat. This operation does not cause mood swings in the animal and is very common and risk free. Check with your veterinarian about the best dates to do it and remember that a dog and a cat sterilized avoid unwanted layers that in our country is 15% of the animals that have been abandoned. 

Caring for your dog is a task that can also benefit you.

  • Veterinary medical supervision: Just like humans, medicating your pet on your own is not wise. The veterinarian is the animal health professional with the knowledge necessary for your dog to be healthy. Trust him.
  • Training: Many dogs need training to acquire healthy canine habits. You can begin to train him from puppy rewarding his good actions with pet snacks or with praise and caresses. Do not punish him: bad behavior should be ignored. Reward good ones.

When iclean dog wash adopt a pet, it becomes a member of the family. It is important to pay attention to the cure of your pet, and to the care of the dog , especially if your  pet sleeps in bed! Have you thought about adopting a petIclean dog wash and know all the details to take care of your dog and enjoy your company at home.

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