Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Business opportunities after your yoga teacher training

>> Jun 8, 2017

Yoga is a wonderful art which can keep you fit, enhance your mental and emotional health and once can experience calmness. If you already have a liking for this art and are willing to make a living while you experience immense pleasure, then read this article carefully, this is your guide to becoming a Yogipreneur.

Once you have completed your Yoga Teacher Training, you could start building up your business plans and map your layout. Here are a few options you should consider to launch your yoga career.

1.   Take private yoga lessons
If you aren’t planning to open up or can’t afford to invest in a studio and take in a huge crowd of yoga students, you could consider giving exclusive yoga sessions to your esteemed students. This could be the foundations for your business career and may help you build a good clientele. You could also reach out to distant learners via web streaming your sessions.
2.   Hosting yoga sessions and meditation retreats
Some people prefer taking up yoga sessions once in a while to relax and achieve that divine state of peace. They are a wonderful market to cater to. You could rent out a place for a day or a weekend where a handful of your students could join the aspiring crowd and you could host a decent yoga seminar kind of event. It is quite profitable and easy to manage.
3.   Partner up with educational institutes or corporates
Yoga and meditation are becoming a trendy requirement among schools and corporate, and they organize regular classes for their student/ teams to take part in meditation sessions and maintain good health. Being a regular consultant – cum – instructor for such organizations could be a huge break for your business career and you could earn a pretty sum too.
4.   Record and sell your sessions
If you feel that you have got something special, or have managed to acquire recognition in the market, you could record your yoga sessions and create a YouTube channel for your viewers. In case you are planning to earn from it, think about selling your CDs or get featured with other instructors in their fitness playlists.
5.   Being a fitness blogger isn’t a bad idea either
For yoga trainers who feel that they have good language (writing) skills, you should definitely consider starting a fitness blog, or write for magazines and newspapers. This can help you to get the fame and recognition you have been looking up to.
6.   Start a studio of your own
Investing into a studio and creating a peaceful ambience for your students could be a profitable investment. In case you have a considerable number of enrolments, you could build up an entire studio, else you can rent a place. You can use the same place for numerous activities, like dance classes, art galleries, event organization and more.
7.   Becoming a health advisor
Your yoga instructor certificate can let you score a chance of being a health and fitness advisor and some recognized fitness center. You can guide the clients into selecting the apt programs and work as a business marketer.

There is a huge market out there, once you have completed your Yoga Teacher training; all you need to do is seek the right opportunity. 

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