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6 Design Tips To Make Your Car Stand Out

>> Jul 18, 2017

The real car lovers tend to say that your 4-wheeler is a part of the family. If you find that saying as truth, you’ll probably be very eager to get some nice widgets and/or appliances. The car industry is at its peak now, so one can choose from a variety of interior and exterior additions for their beloved vehicle. Why stop at customized color or sports rims? Below are 6 design solutions that will make your car one of a kind.

1. GPS navigation system

Regardless of the fact that you are or not an adventurer, a good navigation system is a must. It will assist you in any situation with precise directions. Newer models are bigger and their LCD displays can be found in high resolution. Most of them have the voice guidance, so you won’t be risking anything by turning your eyes off the road. It’s needless to say that most GPS systems on the market will provide you with real-time positioning, keeping you right on the track.

2. Entertainment system

No one wants to get bored on the long drives. Therefore, to accommodate your passengers, it would be great to install some of the in-car entertainment features. First of all, a cool vehicle must have a cool stereo system. High-quality speakers are easy to find and can be found at reasonable prices. Most of the latest models have Bluetooth built in them, so every one of your fellow travelers can become a DJ. All of the stereo controls can be placed on your steering wheel, so you’ll be in total control of the safe ride.

3. Tinting the windows

With your windows tinted, you’re not going to worry about UV rays, overheating the interior, and you’ll be able to increase your privacy inside the vehicle. Car tinting Sydney based experts recommend that you should go with this addition since it can be very effective in increasing your car’s upholstery life. Furthermore, tinting your windows will improve their strength by reducing shatter risk. Your car will get a much better street appearance, and you’ll get yourself some head turners while cruising.

4. Upholstery

Once you’re done with tinting, you’ll probably be into some leather upholstery which will provide your car with some class. The greatest feature of leather car seats is that they don’t smell because their fibers can „breathe“. Next, those seats are pretty much resistant to any physical damage such as scratches and similar. Make sure to avoid PVC upholstery since that material will make you very hot and sweaty. After you’ve chosen high-quality seats, leave some space in your budget for good car mats, and make your life easier when it comes to cleaning the interior.

5. Exhaust

You’re done with the interior now, and you can dedicate your time to finding appropriate exhaust system. It will turn your car into a beast. By getting a high quality exhaust system, you’ll make sure that the flow of the exhaust gases will be quicker and more efficient. The faster gases go out, the faster fresh fuel and air will get into the burning chamber, thus making your car much powerful. It’s good to point out that high-quality exhaust systems will also enhance your car’s overall looks.

6.  Tires

Good performance tires will make sure that grip and handling of your vehicle will level up. Of course, if you’re experienced driver, you already know that pneumatics will also provide you with higher overall speed. In case you like a better grip, you should choose softer tires, but be aware that those would wear off faster. The best pick for great grip and braking are ultra-high performance tires and they come with a higher price. On the other hand, they will make your travels very comfortable and safe.

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Final thoughts   

Mentioned above are just some of the numerous car enhancement accessories, but are some of the most desirable. Those will make your driving safe and comfortable, and that’s all you want from your family car. If you’re not going to stop there, feel free to consider adding front and back camera, coat hangers, cushions with massage and heating options, or even the interactive digital bumper stickers. Stay safe and enjoy your ride!

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Putra July 19, 2017 at 6:08 AM  

To be more standout, you need a perfect family inside.

Standout car is nothing when you drive alone

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