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Teachergive Sale 2023

Cook an Italian spread for family by shopping from Italian deli online

>> Jul 27, 2017

Italian cuisine has gained global recognition and popularity. When compared with other European cuisines, it has been seen that Italian recipes follow ethnic traditions and this is the reason that they have unique taste and flavors. Whether it is gourmet food or ordinary recipe, Italian cuisine uses the freshest of ingredients.

Italy’s geographical location has added considerably to the availability of varieties of ingredients, which are used extensively in the various Italian dishes. Whether it is meat varieties, cheese varieties, pasta varieties, olive oil varieties and other classic ingredients – Italy has the best collections of such items. People living in Italy can avail all these items easily and cook up sumptuous cuisines with the same.

Shopping from an Italian deli – getting authentic Italian products

Gone are days when cuisines remained confined to specific geographical locations only. Today, people enjoy various cuisines in different parts of the world. For instance, a person living in Africa can enjoy Chinese food, while a European can love Indian food, an Indian can love and cook Italian food and so on. Cuisines have become global now.

Suppose you plan to cook up a lavish Italian spread for your family. The idea is wonderful no doubt, but you need to have the right kinds of ingredients for the same. This is where an Italian deli can be of help. A deli is a shop where along with getting raw items for Italian cuisine, you will also get cooked Italian stuff. Many super markets and departmental stores now have separate segments where raw materials for global cuisines are available. It is true that getting raw Italian ingredients in a foreign land might be an expensive thing, but when you are planning to host an Italian spread, you need the right ingredients too. The ingredients come in packed form and are usually authentic.

Buying Italian food online

Online stores have taken shopping to new levels altogether. Along with other things, grocery shopping has become highly convenient with this facility and the goods are delivered to your doorstep, without the hassle of carrying heavy things. When you are planning to cook up Italian cuisine, you can buy raw items from Italian deli online. Infact there are also options of ordering Italian food online. While some of the items can be purchased locally; there are some exclusive items that are available at Italian stores only. Here are certain items that can be bought from a deli dealing in exclusive Italian raw food items:
  • Italian olive oil – Well, cooking in olive oil has become a trend in many homes all across the world for the oil comes with innumerable health benefits. Whenever we talk of olive oil, it is obvious that we mean Italian olive oil. Extra virgin Italian olive oil is considered to be a gourmet item. Generally the oil is emulated but the chances of imitation are almost zero. Original Italian olive oil will enhance the taste and flavor of Italian food manifold times.
  • Italian cheeses – Among the many products in which Italy specializes, cheeses need special mention for sure. You will be amazed to find the immense varieties of cheeses that are produced in the country. And all the cheese varieties are of the best quality. Some of the most popular cheese varieties include Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Fontina, Gorgonzola Dolce, Asiago Stravecchio Extra, Fiore Sardo, Mozzarella, Ricotta Salata, Provolone, Caciotta Al Tartufo etc. Different cheeses have different textures, tastes and flavors. Before purchasing cheese from online stores, ensure that you check the manufacturing and expiry dates well. Also know about proper storage of the cheeses.
  • Italian pastas and sauces – Italian cuisine is incomplete without pasta. Check out any online deli and you will find wide varieties of pastas and sauces. Pastas come in varying sizes and shapes. Whether you have a lunch party or a dinner party, cook up interesting pasta dishes with the varieties of pasta sauces available. Some common forms of pastas available online include penne, spaghetti, tagliatelle, fettucine etc. for the sauces, you can choose from truffle sauce, pesto sauce, marinara, Genovese pesto, walnut cream white pesto sauce etc.
  • Italian farmed caviar – Italian caviar has become world famous now. The aquafarms in Italy produce the best of White Sturgeon, Sevruga and Siberian varieties of caviar. Majority of the caviar farms are in Calvisano, Italy and the best of caviar is cultivated there in the fresh ground waters. Caviar is well packed in containers and sold online globally.
  • Italian specialty meats – Different kinds of meats are integral parts of the Italian cuisine. Italians have used meats in myriad ways in their dishes and cuisines in the most innovative style. Beef and ham are the favorite varieties. Various kinds of spices and herbs are used in the meats when they are packed for selling in stores. These impart a great flavor and taste to the meats and keep them in good condition as well.
Apart from these, you can also purchase Italian Balsamic Vinegar, Italian spices and condiments, Italian mushrooms, Italian polenta and rice, Italian truffles, Italian pantry items etc from online Italian deli and cook up amazing Italian cuisine for your family and friends. 

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