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Tips on Taking Care of Hair Extensions

>> Jul 15, 2017

Getting hair extensions done is no longer taboo. But taking its proper care is no less than a full-time job! The more devoted you are, the better it would appear and last long. Although synthetic hair extensions and real human hair extensions have big differences, the maintenance rituals for both are same. While everyone has its own rules to keep the weave intact, here we present you some great tips to take the best care of these new additions and the hair underneath.

Caring for Your Hair Extensions – Why Is It Important?

Hair extensions can long-live only if properly cared. Unattended extensions can even damage the hair underneath as they obstruct the natural oils to reach the tips. Sheffy Jones, a hair expert, and stylist in one of the leading salons of U.S. confirms that proper care includes regular brushing, hydrating, detangling, and avoid using drying chemicals.

So, now you have known why taking care of hair extensions is so important, have a glance at what all you need to do!

Taking Care of Real Human Hair Extensions

  • Washing and Detangling - The type of washing source you use for your hair makes a great impact on your hair quality. For natural hair extensions, there is nothing best than sulfate or paraben-free shampoos. They are soft on the surface and avoid detangling.
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  • Avoid Chlorinated or Salt Water - Mary Kins, a leading hair stylist in London, confirms that chlorinated or salt water can damage hair extensions to a great extent. They can even lead to severe damage. So, check for some good hair wash out there that can maintain the hair balance.
  • No Wet hair at the Bedtime – Wet hair at bedtime can be truly devastating. Make sure you gently brush your hair, detangle them, and let them completely dry before you go to sleep.

Taking Care of Synthetic Hair Extensions

According to Zufi, a hair expert in Coronado, synthetic hair extensions are more prone to damage than natural hair extensions. So, if it’s synthetic hair extensions, than you need to follow some more tips.

  • Styling with Low Heat Dryers – You can style such extensions in great patterns, but you need to more cautious. Ensure styling your hair extensions with low-heat dryers to avoid experiencing any kind of damage.

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  • Washing and Detangling – When washing synthetic extensions use a lather rich formula that can eliminate dullness. Detangle the hairs with a wide tooth comb, which is readily available online.
  • Avoid Scratching – This is really important as scratching can lead to irritation of scalp that would lead to scabs. But if you do it in the case then apply for a quick relief or use a scalp soother.
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Clip-ins vs. Permanent Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions are temporarily, so washing and styling them needs to be done more meticulously, but not a thing to be practiced too often. Real or permanent extensions are much more lasting and come with an advantage of styling and washing more frequently.

If you don’t wish to experience any trouble, then you must follow these tips and if still have any doubt, then consult your hair stylist.

Author Bio :
Yuan Chen is a Manager at T1Hairs- Online VirginHair Extension Company. He has more than 6 years of experience in Hairdressing Industry and has a good reputation in this field.

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