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Ways You Can Boost Your Child's Education Outside School

>> Jul 31, 2017

School offers you some of the best and most unique experiences that you can have during your younger years. With fascinating subjects to learn and a variety of activities to do, school is a place for people to enjoy and know more. But even though you are outside of the school, there are still many opportunities to learn.

International schools in the Philippines tend to hold some educational activities out of their campuses, which helps their students to get immersed into the activity more. You can also help your child look for educational places and activities even during school breaks or weekends. Here are some activities and places that can help boost your child’s education while they are out of the school.
1.   Go to a museum
One of the most educational places that you can go to outside of the school is by going to museums. There are several museums that you can go around in Manila, like the Mind Museum in Bonifaio Global City, MuseongPambata along Roxas Boulevard, The Metropolitan Museum near Vito Cruz, and the National Museum in Ermita.

These museums offer you a look into diverse pieces of history, art, music, science, and culture. Some of these museums also have some interactive activities that your kids would enjoy.
2.   Unlocking some mysteries
If you want an activity that you can do with your family, while also getting your minds to work, then unlocking a few mysteries might be your cup of tea. Mystery Manila gives you, your friends, and family the opportunity to become detectives for a day, and solve some mysterious puzzles together. There are a variety of mysteries to choose from, and all of them would definitely give you and your kids a fun time.
3.   Science, anyone?
Another fun activity that you can do with your kids is to experience some science. Places like the Nido Science Discovery Center and the Exploreum in SM Mall of Asia. These places offer you some immersive experience for your kids, like hands-on activities that involve chemistry and physics. They also have exhibits like holograms and simulations which enhances the experience more.
4.   Experience nature
If you want to experience a bit more of the outdoors, you can go to nature and adventure parks like the Zoobic Safari in Subic, Manila Ocean Park, and Ocean Adventure (also in Subic). These places give you and your kids the chance to see different kinds of animals, and even interact with them. Other than some fascinating animal attractions, these places also offer some fun and exciting activities as well, all of which let you experience a few things that they don’t offer in schools.

Key Takeaway
Learning is one of the few things in life that never stops, as there is always an opportunity to experience something new every single day. Having you and your kids enjoy some nice fun, yet educational activities that give them some experiences that they would not see inside the comfort of their classrooms.

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