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Five Life Hacks for Busy Working Mums

>> Feb 21, 2018

Are you busy juggling careers, kids, and a list of household chores that never seems to end? Then you’re a fully-fledged member of the busy working mum club!

It can seem impossible to get everything done, and when you’re busy juggling several balls all day occasionally one will drop. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are five life hacks for busy working mums designed to make your everyday life a little easier:

Write it Down

Do you have a notebook for all of your to do lists? If you don’t have one, you need to get one! The list of tasks most working mums need to complete is seemingly endless and it would be impossible to remember it all without a written cue.

When you think of something else you need to do today, jot it down in your notebook. This will give you a visual reminder of the task at hand, providing more mental clarity about what you need to do with your day. Writing things down also means you can remove them from your mental to do list, freeing up brain space to focus on other things.

Commute Wisely

If you have to commute to the office by bus or train then don’t let this be wasted time: use it wisely. There are plenty of tasks you can complete during the commute. Read school reports, check emails, write your to do lists for the day, you can even schedule doctors appointments and after school activities. By using this dead time productively, you can free up time for quality time with your kids later in the day.

Label Everything

Small kids can be notoriously possessive of their favourite things and often hate having to share their property, especially with their siblings. If you want to avoid the rows about who has whose Transformer, or is drinking from the wrong water bottle, then sticky name labels are your new best friend!

Label everything: their clothes, their school supplies, and even their favourite toys. This will make sorting them and tidying them away into the right bedrooms a much faster and easier task.

Bulk Cook

Does the thought of cooking a full dinner after a busy day at work make your heart sink? Then why not set up one day a week/fortnight where you prepare all your dinners in advance instead. Choose meals that will freeze well, such as bolognaise sauce, chilli and curry and cook big batches in advance.

Although this is likely to take up one of your precious weekend days, it will save you hours over the course of the working week, when you need them most.

Outsource Tedious Tasks

Every mum has at least one task that she absolutely hates doing. It could be the ironing, the supermarket shop, or even cleaning the skirting boards. Where possible, and if budget allows, why not outsource these tedious tasks? Arrange an online shop, use an ironing service, or get a cleaner to come in once a week and focus on the job you really hate!

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