Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Strategies for Stress-free Travel with your Children

>> Feb 23, 2018

Travelling with children can be very rewarding, and very fun – you can help them to experience the world, and see it yourself in entirely new ways! But it can also be quite stressful. Travelling is bad enough for an adult; you can see why it would be terrible for a child. While some people resign themselves to limited travel until their children are older, and others resign themselves to even more stress while travelling, some people choose a third path. They try and find ways in which they can travel without the associated extra stress levels. It can be done. Many people have done it before, and many people will do it in the future.
Travel Early

          While traveling can be done at any time of day (or, increasingly, night), parents are advised to travel either as early as possible, or as late as possible. Travelling at these times means there is less chance of a delay or a mix-up, because they are less sought-after, and so there are less problems with passengers getting lost, and held up.

          Less risk of delays means a less stressful environment, both for the children (who don’t get bored, hungry, tired, or some combination of the above), and the parents (who otherwise have to deal with a bored, hungry, tired child on top of their own frustration and boredom). It means that everybody will make it through the travelling period with less risk of being stressed by the end of it.

Read Reviews

          The internet has given us a great opportunity to share our experiences with others in the form of review sites, and social media. Parents who want to travel should check out review sites and other site such as AllWorld.com for ideas on what methods of travel work best with children, who can give the necessary accommodations, when it is best to travel, and so on. These reviews can also give them good ideas on how to avoid methods of travel which aren’t any good, for one reason or another.
Don’t Seat Children Near the Aisle

          This is especially dangerous in travel which offers hot food and drinks, such as an aeroplane. Seating children in an aisle, particularly if they are young, can be dangerous because it puts them within reach of potentially dangerous items. This is a risk which is doubled if the children are at the age to try and grab things, without understanding the consequences of their actions.

          Seating children at an aisle seat is also dangerous because it is easy for them to wander off. It only take a second for a child to disappear, leaving their parents unable to reach them. Children are at risk because they are so small, that people can often trip over them without realising, particularly if they are carrying things. Granted, children won’t be able to get far, especially on a plane, but it is something that most parents would prefer not to need to deal with.

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