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Why You Should Allow Your Child to Play Alone Sometimes

>> Feb 15, 2018

Most moms and dads have moments of guilt when they aren’t around their kids 24/7. Why? Because society stresses the fact that one day you’re investing in a baby car seat rental, and then you blink and your babies are in college. However, you don’t have to stand over them and entertain them every second of the day. Despite what they say. Sometimes you need a break and they do too. So, if you need to be convinced, here are a few reasons why you should allow your kiddo to play alone sometimes.
Kids Need to Learn How to Entertain Themselves

You can promise yourself that you’re going to be that parent that is always there, always up for a game of dolls or cars, always willing to watch the same movie for the thousandth time—but that is simply setting yourself up for failure. Instead, promise yourself that your kids can be bored sometimes, because this is how they learn to entertain themselves. And this boredom-beating behavior will follow them through the rest of their lives.

Playing Alone Encourages Independence in Both Entertainment and Learning

Kids need independence and confidence in their own abilities. Playing alone, be it imaginary or with toys, is a great way for kids to build this independence and confidence in a safe, secure environment. Plus, kids can learn a lot when you give them the opportunity to figure things out for themselves.

Alone Time is Important to Neurological Development

Being alone is important to EVERYONE’S neurological development. You need it. Your kids need it. Your loved ones need it. Everyone needs the chance to be alone and feel relaxed in doing things for themselves. With that said, you can set your kids up for a lifetime of self-love, independence, and confidence by simply allowing them to play solo for an hour or two out of the day.

It Shows Kids that They Can Rely on Themselves because Not Everyone Will be Around All the Time

Toddlers, of course, need LOTS of mom and dad time, but older kids, say around 9 or 10, could use less because they understand more. Alone play from a young age shows kids they can learn and be entertained without the help of mom and dad. They can rely on themselves to have a good time. Which is a great lesson to learn because not everyone is going to be around ALL the time, every single day.

With regards to how you parent, there is always going to be someone that disagrees with you. There is always going to be someone that does something differently, or straight out berates you for how to handle your children. However, you shouldn’t let this bother you. Instead, develop your own parenting style, own it, and let the negatives slide off your back.

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Nandar February 15, 2018 at 10:54 PM  

Nice posting. Baru berkunjung lagi kesini

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