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Do You Hate Drinking Coffee? Try These Natural Energy Boosters Instead!

>> Feb 22, 2018

For centuries, coffee has been one of the most popular and commonly consumed products in the world. Millions depend on coffee to help them get up and going in the morning –– and many swear by its power to provide an alertness before they head out the door and go to work.

Though it is the seeming lifeblood for many early risers, coffee simply isn’t for everyone. The excessive caffeine can cause heart problems for those at risk, and create unpleasant side effects such as clamminess, greasy skin, and even panic attacks in those that are predisposed. Caffeine just doesn’t do the trick in all cases, so what’s a person with morning fatigue to do?

For starters, check out these natural energy boosters that can get you going when coffee just isn’t your speed.

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Bali Red Vein Kratom

Though it’s been in and out of controversy lately, it would seem that the powers that be finally came to their senses and realized that Kratom consumption is no more harmless than drinking coffee itself. Kratom is a Thai plant extract with many effects that vary from strain to strain, some of which have been instrumental in curing depression and even opioid addiction. Bali Red Vein Kratom, however, acts as a natural stimulant quite similar to caffeine. If you simply can’t stand coffee but still require that little boost in the morning, you’d be remiss to not give Bali Red Vein Kratom a try.

Rigorous Exercise

Lacing up your shoes to go for a run at the beginning of the day may be the last thing you want to do when you’re comfortable beneath the covers. However, immediate exercise at the beginning of the day has been shown to raise endorphin and energy levels. Much like the journey from your bed to the coffee pot, the walk from your room to the sidewalk or track will be the most arduous part of your morning. Once you get going, you’ll find yourself full of energy.

Cold Water

Yes, it will be unpleasant at first. However, you’ll get used to it as a force of habit in due time. A cold shower straight out of bed will give you a quick boost of adrenaline as well as increasing the flow of blood to your brain. If a cold shower is simply too much, you could try a glass of very cold water immediately after waking up.

It’s not simply the psychological effects of cold water that have an impact, but a physiological one as well: exposing your body to cold water improves lymphatic circulation and cardiovascular circulation which can have both immediate and long term benefits.


While it’s important to remember moderation here, ginseng is a good way to get morning energy without consuming caffeine. Ginseng has the unique ability to increase your physical and mental performance without increasing oxygen consumption and compromising your health in that fashion.

If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, so to speak, give these natural energy boosters a try instead!

Author Bio:

Kurt Darrell is a Colorado resident and an active medical and recreational cannabis contributor in various blogs and online publications. He works with several cannabis companies to help them understand consumer insights regarding marijuana products and consumption. He also engages in volunteer work whenever he’s free.

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