Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Top Reasons to Remodel a Washroom

>> Feb 5, 2018

When people consider remodeling their homes, one of the first places they look at is the washroom. This is due to the impact that washrooms have on creating or diminishing the interest that potential home buyers have.

While washrooms in the past often focused on functionality rather than style, modern setups aim to create functionality within elegant and distinctive styles. If a washroom is not appealing to a potential home buyer, this drastically reduces the chances of making a sale.

Modern Concepts

Master spaces are a key area of interest with designs that emphasise on maximizing on space with elegant sink designs, tubs and showers. Many modern washrooms no longer utilize the conventional door entry and open continuous spaces are preferred.

Remodeling galleries, websites and magazines are worthwhile sources of inspiration for remodeling washrooms. You can mix and match various ideas from different rooms to effectively create a unique and practical space for you and your loved ones.

Essential Improvements

A renovated washroom enhances the value of your property, adapts it to your needs and updates the style. Renovations are an opportunity to introduce beneficial improvements that serve you for years to come. If you are investing in a washroom remodel, there are various essential changes you can consider to improve the comfort, storage and functionality of your space.

A washroom remodel should ideally make the room more stylish, functional and efficient. While planning the type of work that should be done to enhance the space, small yet essential improvements can make a significant difference. Click here for washroom remodeling NJ.


Washrooms often have limited access to natural lighting, which is why you need to make sure the source of light is excellent. As you plan the remodel, think about adding or changing your current lighting for the purpose of improving the mood of the space and practicality.  A dimmer for main lights is among the lighting changes you can consider. This helps to address the challenge of full artificial lights as a dimmer can have a positive effect on the mood.


Get a sleeker appearance and increase storage space with cabinets. Recessed cabinets are situated a few inches within the wall and help to save space while making your washroom appear more modern and sleeker.


Humidity compromises the cleanliness of washrooms because it remains trapped within the space due to insufficient or bad ventilation. A fan can be helpful but natural ventilation is always the best option. An additional window will be useful for keep the room clean and prevent mildew and mold. Leaving the washroom open after it is used, enhances the effectiveness of natural ventilation.


There are several tile, wall and flooring choices that you can make during a washroom remodel. For safety, the most important decision will be based on floor tiling. Consider choosing a textured and small tile. Extra grouting and the texture will prevent feet from slipping when the floor gets wet and soapy. Many modern washroom tiles are mold resistant and easy to clean along with being less susceptible to stains and humidity. 

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