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Spend a great afternoon with your child

>> Feb 10, 2018

A good thing is that little children usually love to spend their time with parents. Play all sort of games, watch TV cartoons, eat, draw, sleep, dance and sing together... But a bad thing is that most of the modern parents usually don’t have time for all those activities. So if we don't have enough time, let's take care of its quality. That’s a good way to strengthen parent-child relationship which a cornerstone of a mutual respect, honesty and a truly deep love.

In this text, you will find five basic ideas to spend nice time with your kids. Of course, away from television and monitors. You won’t have to travel anywhere and spend too much money neither. What’s really needed is some passion and parental love.

1. Classic games

But don’t think about “Need for speed”, “Call of duty” or any other computer games! We can’t call it a truly quality time. Sometimes it’s simply a waste of valuable time. For example, when the beautiful sun shines outside the window. So rather play football, volleyball or any other classic outdoor & indoor games together with your kid.

You can be sure that children love to play such games. Unfortunately, nowadays not all of them know the rules or it’s hard to find enough companions. But don’t hold back and try to engage your kid in some sport. It’ll be a good opportunity to exercise a body and strengthen your relationship at the same time. Just use your imagination and find easy games suitable for your child's age.

2. Coloring books

Don’t worry too much if your child doesn’t like sports. There are many other activities that will allow you to spend time together. You should never force him to be the next Usa in Bolt, Michael Jordan or Mike Tyson. That’s not the way things work. There are many other ways to spend quality time together. Consider printable coloring pages. The same as we colored in childhood. Only now they are much easier to get. Coloring books have many positive effects on the psyche. What is more, this activity is cheap and you really don’t have to be Pablo Picasso to have a lot of fun. And the most important feature of coloring pages – most of the children love it. So just try to find some nice pictures which are interesting for your child. You can google a lot of printable coloring pages on the internet. Print some of them, pull out the pencils from the drawer and start coloring.

3. Build a house

Say what?!! Don’t panic. We don’t propose a real building but a toy house built of sticks, chairs and a blanket. Nothing too fancy or expensive. Your imagination is a key to success here. Most children are very excited seeing his own parents making a new building for them! Even if its quality isn’t that great. And even if it’ll last only one day. Really important is only your time spent together in a nice way!

4. Read

Try to read classic books, not electronic gadgets like Kindle. It can bring a lot of fun providing you know how to do it in a correct way. To make reading attractive try to wake up your acting talents. Change a tone of your voice, make funny, original faces or even some characterizations. Your child will be amazed and won’t change it for anything else. Try to read to your child every day, for example before going to sleep.

5. Cook

You don’t have to be a “Master chief’s” finalist to be a real hero to your child. Can you make an omelet and a glass of warm cocoa? So I have a good news - your skills are enough to spend a quality time with your child in the kitchen. Your children should help a little bit during meal preparation. They can, for example, stir eggs with a spoon or pour milk.

Spending quality time with kids doesn’t require you to be a millionaire. It requires, however, some of your goodwill, undisturbed presence, time and imagination. Not very much, but many of us just keep failing in this field. So it's good to remember, that the lost time can’t be restored.

Kris M. – I have a wife and a little son and they’re the most important values in my life now. Nevertheless, I still want to develop myself, discover new places and meet interesting people. Sometimes it’s hard to combine it all together but the best things in life usually aren’t easy to achieve.

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Saleho February 11, 2018 at 7:51 AM  

bermain game dengan anak sangat menyenangkan
petak umpet yang paling dia sukai

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