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7 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your House Clean

>> Feb 1, 2018

Keeping a home is not an easy task when you have a full day job. Things get even more complicated if you have to manage kids alongside.

Well, what does that mean?

You need to hire a hand to help you with your own stuff. Not necessarily….!!
If you follow these little tips and shots you can get your work done in just a count of minutes. But to reach to that point you have to organize your house accordingly which allows easy management and keeping. Not only this, you have to organize yourself also to ease your work of housekeeping.

1.   You Should Always Come Back to a Made-Up Bed

You would not believe how impactful this activity of yours could be and what changes it can bring in your life.

Studies have shown that the people who make their bed every morning are likely to stay and feel much more positive than people who do not do that.

This also makes the room much cleaner and managed. A tidy sheet on the bed, your blanket all wrapped on the side and pillows arranged is all you would need to look forward to at the end of the day. This eases half of your work. If you get in habit of doing that every morning, you will see how positive you feel and then how everything else falls in place.

2.   Clean the Kitchen Mess After Every Meal

The way you do not want to get back to an untidy messed up room when you are tired, similarly you would not like to step into a kitchen with used up utensils lying all over after a tiring day at work.

So, to make it easier for you, get in the habit of cleaning kitchen after every meal. Put your dishes in a dishwasher and don’t let them lying in the sink all day. This way your kitchen would never turn into a pile of junkyard.

3.   Let Your Baths Be Inviting Always

Your washroom needs to be inviting and for that you would need to keep it a scented abode, always clean and tidy. You can visit http:/www.steaminsider.com/hoover-steamvac/to know more. Also, teach your children and other family members to always wipe off the floor, use flush and clean the bath after everyone has used it. These little steps will keep the bath clean and let you have the essence of order.

4.   Eat Your Meals at Table

Moving all around the house with your supper in your hand is a bad habit. Usually, the kids will have the meal in front of the TV and then you would relax and get into your bed to enjoy your food. This might seem cozier but this messes up your entire space this is all totally avoidable. Make it a rule in the house, that meals after only served at table by that you can keep the rest of the space clean and even it eases serving and cleaning after the meal.

5.   Keep Your Clothes and Shoes in Order

Nothing seems grimier than a space with clothes lying everywhere on the bed and sofas and shoes messing up the floor.

This is a common sight with every space at the end of the day and cleaning this mess seems a real task. You need to work on it and not let that happen.’
For that, design your space accordingly so that every member finds it easy to keep the things in right place. Have hangers all around the room and shoe racks so that the members know what to keep where. This will ease half of your work.

6.   Have the Duties Aligned

It is better if you assign exclusive duties to everyone so that they feel equally responsible because they eventually they have to clean up the place they dirty up. Like the kids should know, where they have to keep their toys after playing, the elders should know where to keep the medicines and their books and so for everyone. Have a proper task alignment done to delegate your duties.

7.   Before You Sign Off for The Day, Have a Quick Cleaning Session Done Before Sleep

You do not want to wake up to a house which is a chaos of things and in that chaos, you get late for looking for things you need for that, make it a habit that before sleeping you have to put things in order at least so that the morning does not seem to be a consternation of pandemonium.

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