Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Family Gift Ideas: Keeping it in Line for a Happy Family

>> Feb 18, 2018

Gift giving has been around for decades. It is believed to have had religious background with givers giving them as a form of well-wishing for the New Year. Gift ideas are so commonplace that there isn’t that much thought put into it.These days, the practice has become so indoctrinated in us that we sometimes forego its inherent value in social relationships.

The family is the basic structure of society and it is here where we first learn about the tradition. It helps to strengthen bonds within the family or repair those that have strained. One particular issue that is plaguing society these days is the emergence of spoiled kids. Kids who feel like they own the world and are entitled to everything are becoming a problem. There is, in fact, a term already coined for this – entitlement mentality.

While most parents these days are too obsessed with their own social relationships and preoccupied by their devices, their kids are left growing psychologically imbalanced with the lack of care. If you are one of those parents who want their kid to grow to be emotionally mature and socially responsible, you may need to consider the following points.

Giving undeserved gifts

Taking out the garbage, doing well in school, not fighting with siblings, or making the bed are all nice things but they don’t deserve gifts. Kids are expected to that actually. In fact, if they don’t do that, they should be punished. Not the other way around wherein they are rewarded for doing something expected of them. Parents should be upfront with their kids that they are rewarded for doing things out of the ordinary or for exceeding expectations (such as being top of their class) or helping out their struggling sibling with their studies (without being asked).

Responding to begging

As parents, it can be hard to deny a child begging for something from the store. This is especially true if that kid doesn’t ask too often. However, responding to begging could result in the child learning to adapt this behavior. Instead, you can do better by telling them to save up part of their allowance. If they’re too young to have one, tell them that every month, you’ll give them money but hold on to it. When they’ve accumulated enough for a certain gift, they’re free to ask for the money to be redeemed. That way, they learn to be patient and also appreciate the value of making the right choice when it comes to finances.

Losing focus on the event

Parents should also not exhibit any notion that gifts are very important in every occasion. Kids are sometimes pressured to buy gifts for their loved ones that sometimes the effort burdens them. While it may be nice to get a gift for mother’s day, wouldn’t it be better to encourage them to do a handmade gift or just simply spend time with the family?

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