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>> Feb 6, 2019

If you have been at the receiving end of sustaining a severe injury by an accident, it is entirely possible that you were not at fault for the same. You may have been injured by the negligence of the other party, leading to sufferings and pain at your end. It is essential to understand the situations and technical aspects of your case of personal injury and ensure that you protect yourself as far as possible. This is integral as it can save you a lot of time, not to mention the suffering and frustration from the entire situation.


The cases of personal injury are disputes that come to the fore when an individual gets seriously hampered through an accident and sustains some serious injury. When not the injured individual but someone else might have a legal accountability for the suffering, this in turn becomes a personal injury lawsuit.

Such cases mostly have two ways in which they can be attended to-

  • Formalized Lawsuit-  A personal injury lawsuit gains momentum when the aggrieved party(the one who received injury) goes on to file a complaint against another individual or organisation, stating that it was due to their carelessness or negligence that the plaintiff received an injury which is making life difficult. This process is known as “filing of a lawsuit.”
  • Settlement- Generally though, what happens is that an issue with some injury which might have occurred by an accident gets resolved pretty informally between those involved in the accident on a personal basis, with their legal representatives involved. This settlement is generally a negotiation where both parties agree on a particular sum of money to not go ahead with filing a lawsuit.



Any individual who has been involved in an accident and has been injured can file a lawsuit for the same. However, there is a specific period of time within which the person needs to file a suit in case of a personal injury. This time period is known as the statute of limitations.

The time under the statute of limitations begins right from the minute an individual gets injured by being involved in an accident.

It is also important to know that different states have different statutes of limitations with respect to injuries to individual from accidents. Awareness needs to be there for this time dictated by the statute in your particular state.



While there are laws for most kind of cases that clearly define the guidelines of approaching a case, the laws for cases related to personal injury have been actually developed majorly by the decisions taken through various courts and also the various works of legal scholars too.

While a number of states have been vigilant enough to try and summarize laws related to personal injury, it is the court decisions that still have the final say in any sort of a legal case that comes into existence through an injury or accident.


When it comes to a personal injury case, there are a lot of factors that need to be kept in mind so that an individual is suitably compensated for the suffering and hindrances that are faced in daily life due to the injury.

Professional Personal Injury lawyers totally keep these things in mind as they tackle such cases of personal injury.

Hiring these Personal Injury Lawyers also have their benefits-

1.     The Lawyer is well-versed with the legal nuances

A personal injury attorney makes sure that there is simply no gap within the confines of the legal system that might leave you from getting rightfully compensated. The feeling that you missed a certain sum of money due to lack of knowledge will never be good for you. Hiring an attorney will take care of that for you.

2.     Chances of getting compensation improve through an Attorney

Any compensation for a personal injury case comes from the insurance company of the negligent party, and getting that compensation is nothing less than a battle. A personal injury attorney will help you take pretty firm feet forward for your case. Had you approached this all alone, it might have become a problem taking on a company that is acquainted with all related laws.

3.     A Case can be taken to trial

While the need seldom arises in cases of personal injury, your case might be that odd one which needs to be taken to a trial. Having an attorney is a display of the fact that you are not hesitant to go to trial for getting your rightful compensation.

About the Author:

Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith is a Las Vegas Personal Injury attorney law firm with a lot of experience in taking care of cases related to Personal Injury accidents. The Author gets involved with the client right from the initial stages for getting a plan of action in place to ensure maximum returns for the clients.

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