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How to Create the Ultimate Game Room for Your Kids

>> Feb 1, 2019

Brightly colored toy balls in an ultimate game room for your kids
How To Create The Ultimate Game Room For Your Kids

As a parent, you’d probably agree with this - keeping your kids entertained and happy is not always easy. Plus, if you’re a fun-loving type yourself, you may want to do something that’ll make you all happy. So, if you’re itching for a home improvement project, why not create the ultimate game room for your kids? Not only will you be the coolest parent ever, but they’ll also have one permanent place where they’ll play and enjoy themselves. Say goodbye to picking up toys from all over the house! Of course, this isn’t a simple project - there are a lot of things to keep in mind here. Luckily for you, we’ve got a few tips for this cool project.

Using your space wisely

Seeing as you’ve decided to make the ultimate game room for your kids, the question is - where to begin? Well, for starters, you need to decide which room you’ll be using. Obviously, if you’re even thinking about this project - you’ve already got some extra space. Or perhaps you’re willing to transform an already furnished room? In that case, you can create more space by renting storage units and putting the old things in there. Regardless - you’ll have to specifically decide what amount of space you’ll use. This will largely decide what kind of items and activities you’ll be able to fit inside.

Once you pick a space, however,you need to be realistic about what kind of stuff you’ll have inside the game room. With a happy and joyful project like this, there’s nothing easier than getting carried away, but that’s something you need to avoid. Realistically, you won’t have the space to put in all the things you and your kids would like to. Remember, many game tables take up a lot of space - as much as 3-5 feet in their immediate vicinity. So, if you intend on using a small basement or a tiny extra room,make a floor plan first, and plan out activities from there.

Picking a theme is crucial

Let’s face it - not all children are interested in the same things. Sure, as an adult, most of their video games and cartoons seem the same to you. Yes, it’s easy to view them as completely interchangeable but, in reality, that’s definitely not the case. So, when you’re truly going after the ultimate game room for your kids, saying that you want to pick the best possible theme is an understatement. Which is why you may want to consult your children before going on an interior decorating spree. They may have some truly awesome ideas themselves.

On the other hand - if you’re planning to unveil the room as a big surprise, you’ll need to figure out everything on your own. And it’s not just about picking the best theme, it’s also about implementing it correctly. You’ll have to think about everything from the best arcades to the proper lighting.But, in the end, all of it will pay off completely. So, with that in mind - start looking for LED lights with the proper color and your kids’ favorite games right away!
A child coloring a coloring book with crayons.
Fill the room with activities that your children enjoy!

Furnishing the ultimate game room for your kids

Once some good storage company, like Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston,has taken the old things, the time has come to pick out what you’ll be putting in. As we’ve mentioned - exactly what goes into the ultimate game room for your kids largely depends on their existing interests. So, what does that mean? Well, if your children like real-world, kinetic play; like running around and physical games - you’ll need to furnish the room accordingly. That means having a lot of free space, with not a lot of furniture around. Just put up a lot of fun toys they can use with their friends.

On the other hand, these days kids are more into video gaming than anything physical. But if you think that this makes your choices easier, you’re in for a shock. In this case, you’ve got to think about what kind of gaming tech to buy. First of all, you’ll probably need a pretty big TV. Besides that, you’ll need to invest in at least one gaming console, and a bunch of games. Prepare yourself for the expense, though; these things aren’t exactly cheap. Also, you’ll need some cool ergonomic chairs in there,especially if your children will be spending a lot of time playing games with their friends.
A video game controller on a wooden surface.
If your children are into video games,be careful while choosing a gaming console to buy!

The finishing touches

After choosing the perfect furniture, you may think that your job of making the ultimate game room for your kids is done. And that’s nearly true, but you know what separates a great project from merely a good one? That’s right - lots and lots of details. Which is exactly what your game room needs to be even more awesome! If you’ve got lots of competitive games in there, for example, why not install a cool scoreboard? There are digital ones, but if you’re on a budget, a simple chalk board will do just fine.

Lastly, don’t forget one very important thing - soundproofing. This isn’t too expensive compared to other aspects of the project, and it will make a world of difference. Not only will your kids be able to let loose as much as they want in there,but you’ll also get to have peace and quiet in the rest of your home.
A sports scoreboard on a wooden table outdoors
Putting in a simple scoreboard may make their games a lot more fun!

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