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Why You Need To Begin Wearing A Wrist Watch?

>> Feb 13, 2019

1.   A Watch Is A Link To History

Incredible men, from the beginning of time, have worn wristwatches. Buzz Aldrin wore one amid the Apollo 11 mission (above), Martin Luther King Jr. wore one when he met with President Johnson (underneath). Even today the most successful men such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett never appear before public without wearing a watch. And despite the fact that watches have turned out to be actually out of date, incredible men keep on wearing them. So, for what reason do incredible men keep on wearing a wristwatch such as the incredible Hublot Big Bang? When Warren Buffett can afford a high price smart watch, why does he wear a traditional one? Look at the reasons.
Reason #1: It's an unobtrusive show that you, and your style, are ageless. That you're not a man who's follows the trend like a sheep follows a flock, and bounces on each new trend that comes around.

Reason #2: Wearing an exemplary wristwatch is a gesture to history. It's what your dad, and your granddad wore. Wearing one associates you to them, with extraordinary men since historic times (Buzz Aldrin and MLK), and with the incredible men of the future (Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, and ?).

2.   You Will Be Able To Keep Your Priorities In Order

Time runs our lives. Parties, dates, waking up, exercise, resting and our work meetings… we dole out due dates to all aspects of our lives. It's the manner by which our general public functions.

A wristwatch will clearly help keep you on schedule for your arrangements… in any case, to me, its genuine value is a whole lot more noteworthy than that.

Here's what I look like at it: The sole reason for a watch is to tell the time. It doesn't give you a chance to take a gander at a site page, browse your email, message your companions… it, plain and straightforward, tells the time. Presently, in having such an essential, and explicit capacity, it starts symbolizes that work… at the end of the day: Means a watch begins to symbolize time.

It turns into a quiet notice of the inflexible walk of time… that time is always moving, and that you better take advantage of each second of it. Our lifetime is limited so we must time each moment to make the most out it and to live a meaningful life.


The creation of the cell phone doesn't imply that men should quit wearing wristwatches. Wearing a watch is a man's association with the past, his association with time, and a sign of his style and his identity.

Keep this in mind: Incredible men have worn watches for many years… and will keep on wearing them for hundreds more. So why do you wait? Why are still thinking about buying it? How long will you keep pulling smartphones out of your pockets to see and tell time.

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