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Signs of Addiction

>> Feb 16, 2019

If you have a family member who may have an addiction problem, this is a serious issue and you may not know how to handle it. There are several things you should look for and do if you ever fear this problem.

    1.  Look for Attitude Changes.

Has your loved one experienced mood swings lately? Have they seemed standoff-ish or been isolating? When people get dependent on drugs they want to be alone when they do it usually without anyone bothering them. They may be in their bedroom or bathroom for very long periods of time.

2.  Finance problems.

Has your loved one had issues paying bills or been asking you for money often? A drug habit is something that is very expensive, usually it's too expensive for the person using them to keep up with. This brings them to asking for money and even stealing and manipulating sometimes.

3. Arguing or fighting

Often when people abuse substances they get irritated very easily especially if they don't have the drugs they need. Look out to see if your loved one has been arguing more often, raising their voice more often or been passive aggressive. Confronting a loved one about this can almost definitely cause a big argument. Remember you are doing this to try and help them, if they yell at you do not take it personally.

4. Physical Signs.

Look for drastic weight change or change in skin tone. Once somebody becomes hooked on drugs the care for their well being takes a steep drop and becomes very noticeable in time. The eyes are usually also a good indicator, glassy and bloodshot eyes are a very common sign of being under the influence.

5. Lack of motivation.

Drug abuse can really bring down somebody's motivation and inspiration. Somebody who was once focused on their career and building a fulfilling life is now just worried about getting high. It can interfere with everything else in their life and they will still choose drugs over anything else. Did your loved one lose a job or have a job in jeopardy? Have they been complaining about work or a loved one more often?

6. Emotionally unstable.

Drugs can make somebody very emotionally up and down. Sure, they may be in a great mood, drugs can do that for somebody sometimes, but an hour later they can be screaming and crying over a small issue. Drugs can bring an individual on an emotional rollercoaster.

Remember, when confronting a loved one about a substance abuse problem, you need to be prepared for an argument or at least a very emotional conversation. I also suggest doing some research before confronting them, find some resources where they can find help in the case they do say they want help. Also research on what addiction is, you will learn that drug addicts suffer from a disease that they wish they didn't have. The way they react to drugs creates an urge in their mind to use all the time, simply wanting to stop is not enough. Make the first step, ask your loved one what has been going on and tell them you want to do anything you can to help.

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