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7 Strategies to Heal Your Mind From Stress

>> Feb 19, 2019

Prolonged periods of stress can create chronic problems with mental and physical health. The effects of stress the appear throughout the entire body. By pumping cortisol during the fight-or-flight stress response, normal functions are inhibited. Important phases of cellular repair and muscle relaxation are suppressed. The body may begin to struggle to properly digest food, sleep well, or even heal wounds.

Each person is unique and may find a different solution to their stress problem. To get relief fast, try out a variety of ways to tackling your stress head-on. Sometimes, healing stress takes a little time for the effects to become apparent.
Here are seven strategies for healing your mind from stress quickly.

1. Reduce Stress Triggers
Chronic stress may be prolonged by a set of triggers. This can be a conversation subject, a specific activity, an unpleasant memory, or even a person, place or object. These triggers develop a power that can send us into a constricted, chaotic, or distressed mental state.

Triggers can be debilitating. They may keep us stuck in an endless cycle of stress. We can start by doing the work of identifying our triggers. We may not be able to eradicate them immediately, but knowing the problem can help us find a resolution with time.

Making arrangements to either work through triggers with a psychologist such as Psychologist Dr Jane Zhao-O'Brien Brisbane can help us find out where those triggers started and heal them at the roots. Triggers may come from deep in your past, a recent trauma, or something that is simply no longer working for you.

2. Exercise More
It's no mystery why exercise is a highly recommended activity. It helps us be healthier, stave off disease, reduce stress and can even help with treating depression.

Exercise is an effective means of burning off excessive anxious energy. Sometimes the stress of the day just stays wound up in our heads, with no release from the tension. By redirecting your energy, you may find relief from anxious and stressful mental states.

When we exercise, our heart rate increase and we breathe deeper. This can also help with slowing down the mind and getting oxygen to the brain. Our bodies will feel better, which in turns makes us feel better.

3. Take Quiet Time or Me Days
When you have a busy schedule, it can be difficult to carve out time for yourself. This is particularly true for parents or those who carry a lot of responsibility in their job. With so much pressure to keep moving, we may not even realize we're beginning to burn out.

Taking time to reduce stress in your mind can help you be more productive and feel better about your life. It may seem like you're losing precious time, but in reality, you're giving yourself the necessary time to refuel.

Making plans to have a day, an evening, or even an hour to yourself can work wonders for your mental health. If you're used to going non-stop, it makes take a while to adjust to the feeling. But with time, the few spare moments you have to lay around, goof off, or indulge yourself in a hobby you enjoy can become an oasis in a hectic day.

4. Eat Healthier Food And Get More Sleep
How we sleep and what we eat is often the lifeblood and heartbeat of our lives. Even if we don't notice the parallels, low-quality sleep and food have the ability to negatively affect us in daily life.

Low-quality food often contains cheap ingredients that have been processed. This reduces nutritional content and contaminates the food with harsh or indigestible substances. Some foods, such as excessively sugary drinks, can even increase inflammation in your body. This combination can pollute your body and your brain so that you begin to feel sluggish or generally unwell.

Stress can be increased by a nutritional deficiency, particularly if the body is not able to create vital hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin that promote calmness and relaxation. A happy body will help create a happy mind.

5. Laugh More Often
Laughter is known to be powerful medicine. Not only is it fun, but just the act of laughing happily can trigger important hormones for stress relief. It can relax the body, release endorphins, and even boost the immune system.

There are few things that can diffuse a tense situation or lighter a heavy mood than a good laugh. With impressive research to back up these claims, people are now finding that a good sense of humor can even help you live longer. Taking time to watch something funny or spend time with people who make you laugh can be a great way to bust through stressful moods.

6. Go Into Nature
Whether it's taking a walk, surrounding yourself with the green of a lively forest, or appreciating the scenery, nature has a way of bringing us into a calm mood. Besides getting vitamin D, our bodies become less stressed in a natural environment.

It can be hard on the body to withstand the vast amount of artificial light, sound pollution, and stale air that results from city life. A good way to counteract this often unconscious stress is to make time for a nature trip or go for a walk. Over time, these positive benefits will help unravel the stress of the mind.

7. Practice Gratitude
Science is behind the benefits of gratitude on stress. Not only can being thankful help you appreciate your life, but it can also help you feel less stressed.

Individuals with a grateful attitude tend to feel less pain and more healthy than others. It can help stave off the cycle of toxic emotions, dispelling anger and dissolving resentment. This can increase your happiness and even improve self-esteem.

All of these benefits can make a difference in your mental and emotional health, gradually helping you become more resilient to stress, and perhaps even stress-free.

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