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Classic Styles Considerations for the Mom of the Bride and Groom

>> Feb 18, 2019

Your son or daughter’s wedding is going to be one of the most memorable occasions in your life. As a result, you want to look good during the auspicious occasion. It is ok to splurge a little due to the fact there it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your kids. You carry the memories of that particular day forever. Photos will be taken and videos will be made. Going low-budget on a high profile occasion is not always going to turn out nice given the numerous photos that will be taken. The requirements for what the mother of the bride or groom should wear varies.  It is recommended that the dress should:
Not be an identical color as that of the wedding dress: Make sure you’re checking with the bride first before picking a color.

Avoid flashy colors: These colors include bright red, yellow, or pink as they can draw away the attention from the bride.

Not be too fashionable: The day is supposed to be focused on the bride and groom and being too fashionable can attract a lot of attention. You should also not be overly sexy as all the attention should be going to the bride.

Have different solutions: The wedding may include a church service and having a dress that can be accessorized can come in handy. Most wedding dresses should be able to blend well with jackets.

It is also recommended that you talk to the pride first before making a decision on the kind of dress you want to wear. They might be sensitive about certain colors even though you love them. Even if they have recommendations in mind, you can always stick with your personality when coming up with a solution. You don't have to compromise your style in order to look good on the wedding day.
Here are some of the classic styles you can incorporate during the special occasion.

1.   Dress Style
There are a ton of options when searching for the perfect mother of the bride dress. Some of the popular options include:

Tea length: This option can be seen as both beautiful and practical. It is versatile and you will not have to worry about not blending with the bride. It goes just beyond the knees which provides mobility while still remaining elegant. It gives you a vintage look that is unique and not easily replicated. They could also be an option if you’re looking for Formal Dresses Brisbane.

Long Dresses: You can never go wrong with a long dress regardless of the occasion. This is the ideal choice if it is a formal wedding that includes a reception. There are tons of beautiful maxi dresses and gowns available to choose from. All you need is to select the color and style that befits your personality.

Short Dresses: You don’t always have to wear a long dress just because you’re the mother of the bride. A knee-length dress can be an excellent choice if you want to feel good about yourself. There are several classic styles you could select ranging from flare to pencil fit dresses.

Summer Dresses: Most of the weddings are usually planned around summer time when the weather is warm and conducive. As such, it is important to dress for the season and the occasion. You should go for a dress that makes you look stylish while still providing relief from the summer heat. Some of the factors you should consider include color, material, sleeve style, weight, and length of the material.

Plus size Dresses: There are also options for the beautiful and curvy mums. You should look for a dress that highlights the curves in a flattering style.  You don’t need to hide your amazing curves. Some of the recommended options would be to go for an empire waist gown or a pencil dress. You can also go for the other mentioned dresses depending on your style and preferences.

2. Jackets
A dress will not be completed without adding a jacket. A jacket can serve the purpose of providing a polished appearance or just providing warmth depending on the location. Not all designs will work when it comes to jackets. The wedding will require a little bit of sophistication and an elegant style could do the trick. If you’re looking for a design that stands out, lace bolero or chiffon comes highly recommended. The jacket should be in a color that perfectly blends with the dress.

3. Shoes
The shoes will play a big role in completing your look. Depending on your level of comfort, you can opt for either the heels or sandal options. You need to consult with the bride too to ensure there are no color clashing cases. Shopping for shoes should start when you’ve already bought the dress. The length of the dress is also going to be a determining factor when choosing the shoes. If it is a long dress, then shoes will mostly serve the purposes of comfort. You shouldn’t wait until the last minute to go shopping for the shoes.

4. Bags
Every mum will need a bag to store all the important stuff on the big day. The type of bag of you choose will depend on the size, and type of outfit that you’re wearing. Matching everything has never gone out fashion and will still continue to be elegant. A wedding will require that you match the bag preferably with the shoes. The bag color could be matched with details from the dress. There are a ton of options when it comes to using a bag as an accessory. A matching bag can also be recommended if your dress is elaborate.

5. Jewelry
Jewelry is used to complete the mother of the bride look. It is better sticking to the classics so that you don’t complicate things. Picking the right jewelry shouldn’t be confusing provided you know what you’re looking for. If it is a strapless dress, chokers and short necklaces are recommended. Ultimately, the choice of jewelry you chose should complement your dress and skin tone.

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