Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

7 Design Ideas Suited for a Growing Family

>> Feb 20, 2019

When your family is getting bigger, but your home is not, then you have to get creative with your space. How can you add functional areas without taking away from things you need? We give you seven innovative ways to update your house to fit teens and adding a baby or aging parents to your household in this post.

Nooks, nooks, everywhere and anywhere

Whether in a family room, master bedroom, or a cozy living room, a nook is a fun place to get away, get ready, or get out of sight. From reading nooks to coffee bars, you can turn a boring corner of your home into your family's favorite place to hang out. Under the stairs space can become a home office, storage closet, or bookshelf with a bench. The odd space next to the chimney in your bedroom can become a vanity where you can get ready in peace before tackling the day.

Bench seating at the dining table

Instead of using dining chairs or bar stools, homeowners can expand seating space by putting benches at the kitchen table. For four to six family members, two benches are sufficient and leave a space at the ends for wheelchairs or highchairs. Larger families with seven or more members might find a U-shaped bench more convenient. This design item gives you a fun theme and can make dinners cozier while giving you room to reach little ones.

Pantry walls for easy access and quick grocery lists

Homes without a dedicated pantry can still have organized spaces for food items. Depending on whether or not you want these materials accessible to toddlers will dictate whether you create this wall inside or outside of a closet. You can use wire baskets and closet organizers to create a wall pantry. Custom shelves or wooden shelves work for heavier items depending on what style you want to create. You can use chalkboard paint to give you the option to move things around if they do not suit your needs. Martha Stewart says pantry walls keep things in easy reach like snacks and help you organize everything in a neat and clean manner.

Furniture with scalloped edges to keep toys on the table

When your family suddenly expands with twins or triplets, then you need functional furniture that looks good, but most importantly, helps you out. Elle Decor tells readers to purchase wooden coffee tables, end tables, night stands, and other furniture with scalloped edges. Your children can play on the furniture, and the toys will not roll off onto the floor. Your back will thank you every time you do not have to bend over.

French doors for joining patios and lower-level rooms

When you have a patio outside of your kitchen, family room, or living room, then you can bring the outdoors inside. Installing French doors or accordion patio doors can open up small rooms. You can watch your children play in the side yard while you practice for an upcoming show or fold laundry in peace for a change. When you entertain a lot, these doors will be a welcome feature when you carry several platters out to the barbecue. Large doors bring in tons of natural light and boost your home value as long as they have a high R-value.

Dual-purpose furniture

From ottomans with hidden storage compartments to Murphy beds, convertible furniture offers you many options to organize belongings for large households. Expandable dining tables are helpful when you are cooking holiday dinner for twelve. Beds that raise up to reveal an entire room full of space give you plenty of areas to hide extra toys, holiday decor, and seasonal clothing so that your house does not look cluttered all the time. Check out some of the unusual ways you can use multi-purpose furniture to help you save room.

Custom features make your home more functional

When you want to tailor your home to your needs, then calling in an expert to help you create a one-of-a-kind feature might be the best idea. Your Q Coast House BUilder can create features tailored to your needs. For example, a home addition for grandpa, a garage renovation for college students, or transforming the basement into a family room big enough for you to throw holiday parties for the entire family is easy with the right custom design team.

Smaller projects might include creating custom shelving for a walk-in closet, installing a shower with a seat, and putting a wall in the middle of a large bedroom to create two smaller ones to give your kids more privacy. Adding a half or full bath is another way you can update your house for a larger family. You can put the extra bath on any level, but it will work best when you can connect the plumbing to existing drains. Your custom home builder can help you decide the best place, help you with applying for permits, and figuring out how much work is involved in the process.

Creating outdoor living space is another way to customize your home for family growth. For example, you can add a swimming pool to save on vacation money. A barbecue or pizza oven gives you additional cooking options. Play areas, hot tubs, vegetable gardens, and sport courts extend the space your family can use and gives you functional areas to accommodate more family members.

You do not have to move if your home is mostly ready for your family. When you have additional members move in with you, or you plan to have more children, you can customize your space to help you stay organized. Making use of multi-purpose furniture and creative storage solutions can help you find room for all your family's stuff. Smart upgrades ensure your home stays comfortable and works for everyone. Even adding a few corner shelves can free up a little room or keep things out of the way of little fingers.

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