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Teachergive Sale 2023

How To Build a Solid Garden Shed With Premium Shed Plans

>> Feb 25, 2019

Are you the type of person who can’t bear the idea of sitting around doing nothing when it’s your day off? Many of us feel that itch and we just have to have a project. If this is you, DIY is probably your best friend and you are likely blessed with a workshop full of power tools and the skills to use them. Women love you and men want to be you. For you, building a shed is a quick and easy weekend project. In fact, you could probably knock one out in your sleep, with both hands tied behind your back. For the rest of us mere mortals though, deciding to build a shed might be intimidating.

We should feel more confident however, because DIY shed construction is really not that difficult. Anyone with basic DIY skills should have no problem erecting a new shed using something like this 10X20 Gable Storage Shed Plan from 3DSHEDPLANS (click here for details of this plan and others like it, including the 6X10 lean to storage shed plan and the 12X16 gable storage shed plan).

Why Bother?

Is your home overrun with toys, sports equipment and gardening tools, or is your better half threatening to file for divorce if you don’t find a new home for your surfboard collection?

A storage shed is a perfect place to store all kinds of items that don’t need to live in the main house or garage. You can even use a larger shed to entertain guests in the summer. When painted and decorated a shed also makes a great summerhouse. Sheds are extremely useful and all gardens should have one, but what puts most people off of the idea is the mistaken belief that sheds are too “difficult” to build from scratch, so they pay a professional to erect their shed and spend a fortune in the process. When in fact, it could have been completed for much less.

The Perfect DIY Project

Building a shed is actually the perfect DIY project. You can easily erect a small lean to shed over a weekend. You don’t even need help, although help is always handy to have. As long as you know one end of a screwdriver from the other and you can use a power tool without lopping off a limb, you should be just fine. It is a great way for a father and son to spend some quality time together too.

DIY is not popular with everyone, but it is an important hobby to have. It teaches you useful skills and saves you money. If you are comfortable hanging shelves and putting together flat-pack furniture from IKEA, you should have no problem erecting a straightforward shed; you will also earn a lot of praise from friends and family, which is never a bad thing.

You Don’t Need Special Skills

Because 3D shed plans are so easy to use, they are designed with the beginner in mind. Select a plan that suits your requirements, whether you need extra storage or somewhere to store your ride-on lawnmower. You can download it as a PDF file and it allows you to open up the plan on your smartphone so that you can have it handy while you are building the shed. 3D plans are a lot easier to use than 2D drawings, because they illustrate every key step in the building process and help you visualize exactly what you need to do. This minimizes the chances of expensive mistakes. Each plan also includes handy tips to make sure you get it right first time.

Tips from the Pros

Before you start your shed-building project, take note of the following tips from the pros.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT LOCATION – location is very important when erecting a shed. If you place your shed in the wrong spot, you could end up having to move it, which is not great if you spent time and money building a suitable concrete foundation slab. Think about how you intend on using your shed and plan your site for it accordingly. If your new shed is just for garden equipment storage, it doesn’t need to be too close to the main house, but if you want to store household items or toys in there, don’t build it miles away.

The ground should be level and flat, so that spot with an old tree stump or a rocky patch at the bottom of the plot is not a good choice. Don’t select a waterlogged spot either. Timber sheds and water don’t mix and no amount of protective paint or timber treatment will keep your shed dry and free of rot if you place it on marshy ground or next to the garden sprinkler system.
DO YOU NEED POWER IN YOUR SHED? If so, consider how far away the main power source is. This is one instance where it is sensible to put your shed adjacent to the house or a garage. It is a lot easier to run a steel armored cable above ground over a couple of meters that it is to dig a trench over 20 meters long. If you need advice on power issues, talk to a qualified electrician.

Be careful how you position your shed. Check that the doors open correctly and are not blocked by a wall or tree. It sounds obvious, but plenty of people make this basic mistake when they build a shed.

Free Shed Building Plans Available!

With so many free building plans available, you will be spoiled for choice. Free 3D plans are perfect for DIY enthusiasts, but if you want a deluxe shed, go for a premium design instead. Experts design all of the plans on the 3DSHEDPLANS website, so you know they are going to work.

Check Planning Regulations

It is always wise to check planning regulations before you erect any kind of outdoor structure on your property. Homeowner Associations sometimes have special requirements and if you fall foul of them, you could end up in a lot of hot water. It is better to be safe than sorry, so if you are not sure of the rules in your neighborhood, speak to your local planning officer or HOA.

Don’t let the size of the project put you off building a new shed. With a 3D shed plan on your smartphone, you can do it no problem!

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