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How To Choose A Divorce Lawyer

>> Feb 14, 2019

Going through a divorce can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be hard to find someone who will be on your side and guide you through the experience. Family and friends may be there for you, but you’ll need someone who will fight for you in the courtroom. To choose a divorce lawyer in Orlando, Florida, read up on what you should think about and look for before you make your big decision.

Consider Your Future

Divorces don’t always start off with a litigated trial. Most people want to work things out with mediation, where you can negotiate how to split your assets. If you think your divorce may proceed this way, look for a lawyer who is skilled at mediating and who will understand that you don’t want to go to court. Otherwise, you should look for a divorce lawyer Orlando Fl who has been to trial before and won many similar cases in the past.
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Interview Each Potential Attorney

Once you’ve called a few firms and even asked for recommendations from people you know, sit down to interview any and all potential attorneys. Ask for opinions on your case, what the realities are and if fee payments can be flexible. As each attorney talks about how he or she feels about your case, you’ll be able to sense who is the right person for the job. Look for passion, conviction and genuine care.

Watch for Bad Signs

Some bad signs you may see during attorney interviews are general actions that come across as dismissive. You may be interrupted frequently or put on hold so a phone call can be answered. Your interview may only last for ten minutes. The right lawyer should set aside time to focus on what you need.

Once you meet with potential attorneys, voice your thoughts, and listen to how each one reacts, you should know who the right person is to trust your case to. You can feel confident knowing you should get the outcome you’re looking for.

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