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7 tips to ensure you are getting an effective legal advice from your lawyer

>> Feb 11, 2019

From the moment you realize you need to hire a lawyer, you're faced with the challenge of ensuring you get good legal advice. Even if the attorney is trying to give you the best possible representation, he may just not be the right lawyer to handle your type of case. By taking the time to evaluate an attorney before you hire one and by paying attention to how you communicate with the lawyer you do hire, you can increase the likelihood that you're getting the best possible advice.
1. Experience Matters

Whether you're looking for personal injury attorneys or estate planning CNG lawyers, one of your biggest concerns is in determining whether or not your potential lawyer has experience. This doesn't just mean generalized experience in practicing the type of law that concerns your case. While that is important, you also want to ensure the attorney has handled cases similar to your situation. For instance, if you have suffered injuries from a slip and fall, a personal injury lawyer who primarily handles auto accidents may not be your best choice.

When asking about an attorney's experience you should also ask how many cases have resulted in a positive outcome. While no attorney can guarantee you a win, you also don't want to hire a lawyer with a large percentage of losses. So, specialized experience and a strong history of favorable outcomes are key factors in determining which attorney will give you the best advice.

2. Good Communication is Vital

The initial consultation between you and any attorney serves two purposes. It provides an opportunity for the attorney to evaluate the strength of your case and it provides you with an opportunity to evaluate the attorney. One of the things you should analyze during this meeting is the ability of the lawyer to effectively communicate his thoughts. If he or she seems nervous or apprehensive in a one on one conversation with you, imagine how this individual will perform in court.

Additionally, remember that you'll be sharing your innermost thoughts with your attorney. You may have to reveal deeply personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences that you wouldn't want to share with anyone else. This level of intimacy requires you to trust your attorney to a certain degree. If you don't feel comfortable with the attorney, chances are good that you'll find it difficult to trust and open up to this individual. It's better to recognize this and look for a different attorney rather than let personality conflicts hurt your case.

3. Research the Attorney's Reputation

One essential method for ensuring you'll get good legal advice from your lawyer is to learn more about how he has handled his past cases. You can start by looking into his professional conduct. Has he been disciplined by the state in which he practices? Has he been sued for legal malpractice? Even if the answer is no to both of those questions, you should take the time to look up previous client reviews. If there are a large number of negative reviews, this may indicate that you won't have a good experience with that particular attorney. In that case, you may choose to continue looking for an attorney that fills you with more confidence.

4. Remember That You're Paying for Your Attorney's Time

Depending on the type of case your attorney is handling for you, you may be paying an hourly fee. Even if you're paying a flat rate or a contingency fee, the attorney's time is limited. As you take up the lawyer's time, you have to acknowledge that this is costing money either for you or for the law firm. For this reason, it's important to prepare for any communication you have with the attorney, so you won't be taking time away from your case with trivial matters. While you do want to stay apprised of your case, it's also important to manage the time you spend with your lawyer wisely.

5. Establish Your Desired Outcome

You won't get good advice from your attorney, unless you're both on the same page as far as what you expect. You should take the time to explain what your desired outcome is in the matter he or she is handling for you. Additionally, you should discuss alternative outcomes that you would accept and those outcomes you find unacceptable. By vocalizing these thoughts, you will give your attorney a better idea about how to help you.

6. Remember That You Are the Boss

It's not uncommon for the attorney to take charge of the situation and that's simply because he has the experience and knowledge to handle the issues. However, don't let that confidence intimidate you or the client/attorney relationship will suffer. Regardless of how assertive your attorney seems, it's important to remember that you are calling the shots. If your attorney suggests a course of action that you don't like, it's up to you to voice your concerns. Failing to tell your attorney you don't want to pursue that strategy usually means he's going to assume you're in agreement with him. Instead of letting the issue cause friction, express your feelings openly with the lawyer.

7. You Must Communicate Effectively

While your lawyer's communication skills are important, you must be able to share your thoughts about the case as well. Even if you're normally shy or timid, you have to be able to open up to your attorney. This means sharing details about your case that may affect you personally. Your lawyer's expertise will help him to determine how to efficiently use the information you share with him, but, if you don't give him detailed information, you may be harming your case. A lawyer can't be faulted for mishandling a case or giving bad advice, if he isn't supplied with all of the facts.

When it comes down to it, choosing an attorney to give you good advice will rely largely on your own intuition. Throughout the process of handling your case, it will be important to remember that you are in charge. If you feel your attorney isn't offering good advice, it's up to you to let the attorney know you're displeased. By sharing your thoughts, you may be able to improve the relationship and ensure a more favorable outcome in your case.

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