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Couple’s Corner: Jealousy

>> Dec 9, 2009

This post is this Wednesday’s Couple's Corner. We can learn by sharing and reading other’s experience, right? Happy reading…

Jealousy is one of our differences. I’m not a jealous person, but my
hubby can be jealous easily. Thank God, his jealousy isn’t the blind one. I really understand that his jealousy shows how much his affection to me. I’ve never assumed it as a negative thing.
But I became confused when he asked,” Why you’ve never been jealous?” Yeah, why I’ve never been jealous to him? I think it’s only my personality; because I also love and don’t want to loose my hubby. I can feel his strong love; I believe in him 100% that he’ll always keep this trust. I think it’s the answer why I’ve never been yet jealous to him…

I know that he checks my hand phone and my face book account regularly; and it isn’t a problem at all, because I’ve never hidden anything or done ‘
stupid’ things behind his back. I know that he also believes me 100%. He said,” I believe in you; I just want to protect you from others that may annoy and tempt you”.

So, actually, until now, I can enjoy his jealousy; even though he forbids me going
shopping at the mall by myself. He always says,” I don’t like you’re leaving alone; I’m afraid someone will annoy you there. Let me accompany you”. Because now he’s very busy at the restaurant, I seldom go to the mall; just shopping at nearby little stores or factory outlets.

I realize that the aim of his jealousy is to protect me. Having written this jealousy thing makes me want to hear again the song “Jealousy” (Freddy Mercury –Queen). But the lyrics don’t describe us at all, just like the melody; because I love my hubby’s jealousy, he’s my truly body guard, ha ha ha….

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